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Caravans and motorhomes - prized targets for thieves

Date: 15/06/2022

It's incredible to think that many caravans and motorhomes are NOT protected by a tracker or additional security - particularly when they are such desirable targets for thieves.

We recently saw reports of two of these prized possessions being stolen in Shropshire, which only goes to highlight the risks and the need to maintain general awareness while tightening up security.

If further evidence was needed, figures from stolen vehicle recovery expert Tracker revealed by the Daily Express late last year showed a 29% year-on-year rise in the thefts of caravan and motorhome thefts.

It's easy to understand why these vehicles attract so much attention, making it imperative for owners to maintain a watching brief at all times and security as robust as possible in a bid to keep their pride and joy safe from attack.

What can be done?

There are a number of measures you can implement to protect your property, all of which can be fitted quickly and easily:

● A hitchlock will stop thieves hooking up your tourer and driving off.
● Fitting a wheelclamp is still the ideal option for keeping your caravan in one place.
● A steering wheel lock for the motorhome or caravan may be a basic security device but it remains one of the most effective.

These are all simple measures which can be taken and have the added benefit of being a visible deterrent. Thieves are often put off by the sight of these security options.

On the right track

No vehicle security is complete without a tracker and at Bulldog we produce the very best devices available. It is essential to fit a tracker to your motorhome or caravan and even if you already have one fitted, there is always greater protection to be gained by adding another. While we are on the subject, don't forget your car!

Trackers have become extremely sophisticated and are an integral part of safety and security in today's world - not just in protecting vehicles but also possessions and your loved ones, whether they be children or vulnerable adults.

It's also important that you never drop your guard when your caravan and motorhome are parked up outside your home. You are vulnerable when packing or unpacking and it's easy to become a victim of theft if your vehicle is left unattended for even the shortest of periods.

And, where practical, install a security post which will provide added protection against theft.


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