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Do I need a house alarm when I've got CCTV?

Date: 20/12/2019

You really can't have enough security measures in place to protect yourself, your family and property. There's ALWAYS one more thing you can do and it's something you should treat as a rolling exercise, monitoring, upgrading and improving all the time!

There are a vast range of products on the market and it's always as well to get expert advice on what best suits your needs. One question we are often asked is: "Do I need a house alarm if I've got CCTV installed?" Our answer is YES. Each security measure actively complements others and should be considered.

We recently launched our exclusive Bulldog Secure Alarm, designed and produced by our team for maximum protection. We are really proud of our new creation and believe it to be the best value, highest featured home alarm you can get.

The benefits:

- Easy to fit in under one hour

- Box for outside the house

- App so alerts go straight to your phone

- Can partition areas of the house and outside areas so you know which part of your property has been triggered

- When the alarm goes off photos are taken at the same time

- Includes flood alert sensor

- Remote access

- Pet friendly

- Heat and smoke detector

- ‘Sounders' for added protection

The product:

The Bulldog Secure Alarm can be designed to suit individual requirements, it can be fitted simply by the homeowner in less than an hour, eliminating the need for installation fees. It is insurance rated and does away with costly service and rental contracts.

It has two-way wireless technology, links to a smartphone app telling you where and when the alarm was triggered and even sends images of what triggered it! The alarm has the ability to verify with the police that there is someone in the house and you, the customer, has full control to make it bespoke to your home or business.

You can add extra sensors and we provide an annual health check on the battery, meaning the alarm can be turned off remotely for 10 mins - battery changed - and then switched back on.

The panel of the alarm can make a noise too so there is every chance that the audio alert will scare the thieves away. Everything connected with the alarm is remotely accessed. This means our team can help reset remotely and assist with any technical problems.

Heat and smoke detectors mean you could put a sensor by a washing machine or tumble dryer - reducing the risk of fire which we have seen more of in recent years. The additional 'indoor sounders' can be placed in specific rooms in the home, again having the effect of scaring off intruders.

These can also be placed in vehicles, which are covered by the alarm partitions, such as caravans or motorhomes on the drive and the alarm would continue going off as the vehicle is driven away, alerting people to a theft in progress.

Our managing director Ian has already installed one of the alarms at the static caravan he has at the coast, so can explain some of the additional benefits:

"I use the alarm to cover the jet-ski shed, trailer and boat. There are contact sensors on the doors of the steel cupboard which houses the bikes so if someone tries to open the doors I would be alerted automatically - wherever I am!

"The flood sensor is extremely useful at the caravan. If the site floods and the water gets towards the caravan doorstep, the alarm goes off on the app - everything is wireless so no electrician is needed to set it up."

For more information about the Bulldog Secure Alarm call our team on 01952 728171 or visit https://bulldogsecurealarm.com/

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