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Don't let the Grinch steal Christmas

Date: 07/12/2023

Don't Let the Grinch Steal Christmas


Don't let those Grinches steal your holly-jolly vibe this Christmas. In the UK, a burglar strikes every 2 minutes but, with a few easy security measures, you can keep your home merry and bright.. and the burglars out of sight.


Brighten Up! Burglars can take advantage of the darker days during the Christmas season to avoid detection. Keep the grinches at bay by illuminating your home's nooks and crannies with strategic security lights that can spot any shifty behaviour. But wait, there's more: Add a festive twinkle to your decor with some dazzling festive lights that'll make your cosy abode shine bright and merry.


Sneakily stash those gifts! 'Tis the season of generosity. Keep your Christmas goodies safe from sneaky grinches with these clever pointers:

  • If your present pile is visible from the street, don't leave them under the tree.
  • The attic is like a fortress for your gifts, well out of reach from prying eyes.
  • Keep the magic alive by only revealing the presents on Christmas Eve, while keeping your home locked tight… and don’t forget the mince pie and carrot!


Jetting Off?... Don’t let your home scream “I’m empty!” This time of year, is supposed to be merry and bright, so don't let burglars rain on your parade! Keep your home safe and sound while you're away by taking simple important steps. Don't give away your empty home by leaving tell-tale signs like a pile of unopened post, a dark house or deserted driveway. Keep the grinches at bay by considering a home alarm system. You'll be able to enjoy your Christmas adventures with peace of mind, knowing your home is guarded around the clock.


Shh! Keep it on the down-low. These days, sneaky crooks are prowling social media for their next hit. Broadcasting your plans and posting pics of your expensive gifts is like rolling out the red carpet for burglars! But don't fret, if you can't bear to part with your social media fix, just double-check those privacy settings before hitting "post." Lock out unwanted eyes and keep your home safe and sound.


Psst! Don’t forget the shed Garages and sheds can give burglars an easy way into your home, not to mention access to tools that make their job a breeze. Keep them at bay by installing high-quality locks and security lights. Safeguard your home, avoid the headache of a break-in and make sure those Christmas memories stay merry and bright.


Recycle like a secret agent! Don't let the excitement of pricey Christmas gifts invite thieves to your doorstep. Recycle packaging with caution. Rather than advertising what's new and shiny in your home, flatten boxes, fold them neatly (inside out if possible) to fit snugly in your recycling bin. Or, you can always drop them off at a nearby recycling centre. If you must put them out for collection, do it just before the scheduled collection time.

Stash the cash! If you are opting for the easy gift option of cold hard cash then safety should always come first. If you prefer to stash your money at home rather than in the bank, make sure you keep it under lock and key. Invest in a security box and stash it away in a secret spot, alongside your bank cards, receipts, and other valuable docs to avoid any nasty shocks.


Above all, have a safe and Merry Christmas from Bully and the team


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