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Heightened security for allotments and garden sheds

Date: 06/03/2020

Have you ever thought about the value of the items that aren't inside your house? Much of it can be expensive, like equipment for gardening, using on the allotment and things which take up too much space to be stored in the house like bicycles. So, security is very important and a lock is a lock, right? Well not quite!

There is now a better and more efficient way to ensure your valuables are kept safe and secure - even when they are outside the family home and not covered by the same sort of precautions, safeguards and consideration afforded to items inside.

On lockdown with the Bulldog TR21

How much attention do you give to the security of:

● The garden shed
● Bike sheds and garages
● Storage containers at holiday homes

There's some expensive and often sentimental gear kept in the garden shed or on a beloved allotment and the TR21 is the very latest in smart technology - a lock which can think for itself.

Fit the TR21 and family members could access the phone app which would alert them if the lock is disturbed or tampered with in real time, giving the opportunity to take the appropriate action while the attempted break-in is taking place.

Sheds, garages and storage containers at holiday homes are particularly vulnerable to thieves who view them as an easy target with valuable equipment stored inside which can be sold on.

Holiday homes are often left empty for long periods so lockable outside containers can be an attractive proposition for criminals who could strike, leaving you unaware of what has happened for some time. The TR21 smart lock will not only provide tougher security but will also detect the attack and let you know about it.

The TR21 is a GPS smart lock which can be locked and unlocked through a mobile phone app or a swipe card. It has an anti-cut and anti-tamper alert making it impossible for the criminal to remove it without detection.

Both locking and unlocking commands can be delivered from a phone app or website and any use of an unauthorised swipe card will activate a buzzer after which it will not be able to lock or unlock the device.

If the back cover is opened or casing removed an alert is triggered. The alert is also sensitive in cases of the lock rope being cut and the attempted use of an unauthorised swipe card.

It's a sad fact of life that we can be extremely cavalier when it comes to the security of gardening tools and equipment and other things like bikes, barbecues and children's play gear, often kept in the flimsiest of sheds and containers which even the big bad wolf would have no problem in huffing and puffing and blowing down!

The TR21 is a simple, effective and inexpensive way of ensuring all your outdoor equipment can be kept safe and secure.


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