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Old fashioned methods are still the key to new car security!

Date: 14/07/2022

Car technology is developing at a tremendous pace with modern vehicles seemingly having more in common with the Starship Enterprise than a fairly simple mode of transport designed to get you from A to B. But, beware! All that 21st Century technology doesn't mean being criminal-proof.

One of the big changes in recent years has been keyless cars - an innovative system which allows you to get into your vehicle and start it without the need for a traditional key. Radio waves transmit a signal to your car from a key fob and, as if by magic, you're in and started.

Attractive to thieves

It sounds great and works perfectly well - but the problem is thieves have worked a way around it and keyless cars can be just as vulnerable as cars in years past. Newer cars are obviously a more attractive proposition to a thief and it is an interesting fact that of the nearly 90,000 cars stolen in 2020, many were reported as being keyless cars.

We are hearing of keyless car thefts regularly as thieves utilise scanners to aid in the commission of their crime. For obvious reasons we will not go into detail about how it works but just say that it is a problem and there are security steps you can take to minimise the risks. They include:

● Keeping the key fob and car as far apart as possible.
● Keeping your key fob in a container which blocks signals.
● Fitting a steering wheel lock.
● Fitting wheel clamps.
● Fitting a tracker.
● Fitting a security post.

These may seem like old fashioned precautions but they are still perfectly valid today. They are simple, inexpensive, yet effective common sense measures you can take to protect your property - which is, after all, one of the most expensive possessions you are likely to have.

The Bulldog way

The steering wheel lock, wheel clamps and security post are all visual deterrents which also make it extremely difficult for your car to be driven away. The tracker is not only a valuable aid to helping get your car back if stolen, it also has a built in feature which will alert you to any tampering.

While we are talking about car security, it is also worth mentioning the need to prevent thefts of items from inside your vehicle. Please be aware that thieves are also using Bluetooth scanners to locate laptops and mobile phones left in vehicles.

This means that even if you have taken the precaution to cover up your possessions, these items which emit wireless signals can still be identified and targeted. Ideally, don't leave anything of value in your car, keep them out of sight if you do and it's always best to take your phone and laptop with you.



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