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Time to put the Caravan to bed?

Date: 06/09/2023

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For those who don't partake in winter adventures, as the summer draws to a close it's time to start thinking about preparing your home on wheels for winter storage.

This time of year, needn't be stressful just remember our top 5 tips:
1. Drain
2. Disconnect
3. Ventilate
4. Cover
5. Tyres

Make sure you site your caravan or motorhome in a safe location for the winter months. Ideally it should be somewhere that you can visit regularly. You may consider using a storage site. If you choose to store at home consider the location and its access points. Use security lighting to illuminate dark areas of your driveway or garden and fitting security posts add an excellent visual deterrent against would be thieves
Avoid storing under trees where possible as branches may fall on the caravan. (...and sap and dirt just add to your spring clean!).

Clean & Check
• Drain - Completely drain the water system and remove water filters. Leave all taps including the shower open. (If you have a lever tap, ensure its mid-way between the hot and cold positions!) Put plugs in the sinks and shower tray.

• Drain and clean the toilet flush tank and cassette. Replace the cassette leaving the blade open to prevent it sticking in place.

• Disconnect - Unless it's connected to a caravan alarm or tracker system, remove the 12V battery and store it in a cool, dry place. Check regularly, and top up the charge when necessary.

• Clean the exterior and interior using the appropriate cleaning products. This is an ideal time to do a full check particularly windows. Are they locked? Do rubber seals need to be replaced?

• Ventilate - Leave vents uncovered so air can circulate inside the caravan.

• Stand all cushions on-end where air can circulate all around them.

• Leave blinds and flyscreens fully retracted to avoid damage to the springs and close curtains to avoid fading the upholstery.
• Spread out and clean your awning and store it somewhere dry.
• Clean the fridge and leave the door ajar ensuring air can circulate.

• Remove gas cylinders and place them in a cool, ventilated place.

• Cover - If you have to store under a tree then you might want to opt for a breathable caravan cover to avoid additional cleaning and prevent condensation and mould growing underneath it.

Remove all valuables such as your TV and ensure all visible security products are checked and correctly fitted. You should have the basics of a wheel clamp and hitch lock but, you can increase this to security posts, trackers and alarms.

Tyres & Winter Wheels
Site your caravan on level ground and remove the wheels and fit a pair of winter wheels. Lower and lock the corner steadies and release the handbrake. The winter wheels prevent damage to caravan tyres which can be caused by standing in one place for extended periods particularly where the caravan is stored on concrete or hard standing. Winter Wheels not only conserve tyre life but are also another security measure. Just make sure you store the wheels somewhere safe away from the caravan and direct sunlight.

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