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Bulldog Spares - Lock Bolt Spares

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Product Image Bulldog CT60A Lock Bolt

Lock bolt for CT440 heavy duty container lock (pre 2022)

Product Image Bulldog HL84A Recessed Cup

Recessed cup for SA1 and SA1C

Product Image Bulldog SA1 Super Lock Bolt

Standard size lock bolt as fitted to hitchlocks, chain locks and roller shutter door lock. Complete with recessed cup.

Product Image Bulldog SA1AJ Super Lock Bolt
  • SA1AJ Super Lock Bolt
  • Lock Bolt as fitted to the AJ Hitchlock. No recessed cup
Product Image Bulldog SA1C Commercial Lock Bolt

Commercial lock bolt for commercial hitchlocks and AW minilock.

Product Image Bulldog SA2 Super Lock Bolt

Medium length lock bolt as fitted to King Pin Lock, Lock Posts (SA5, SA7L, TP200) and garage door lock. No recessed cup.

Product Image Bulldog SA3 Lock Bolt

Lock bolt for Titan/Centaur Wheel Clamps, AI20, GA90 and TE100. Overall length 60mm. Under the head 41mm or 31mm with spacers.

Product Image Bulldog SP16A Black Dust Cap

50mm Black Dust Cap for Posts

Product Image Bulldog SP21A Red Dust Cap

38mm Red Dust Cap for Lock Bolt.

Product Image Bulldog SPARE KEY

Spare Keys are available please quote orignial key no.

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