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Look Out For Us In The VW Camper & Commercial Mag

Article Date: 04/10/2017

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"VW camper and commercial vehicle owners are being urged to fit a second GPS tracking system. 

Bulldog Security Products in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, says thieves are becoming wise to where a tracker is fitted and a second device could catch them in the act.

Bulldog’s Ian Jordan said fitting a tracker to an old VW camper or a second tracker where one is already fitted might just make the difference.

 “People love their old VW campers but so do thieves so it’s a good idea to fit a tracker. Newer vehicles like the VW T6 have one fitted but a second can catch the thief out,” he said.

 “They are people’s pride and joy so protect them. The same applies to VW commercial vehicles, which are often full of equipment essential to the user’s trade.

 “If vehicles had a tracker fitted police could trace it and hopefully catch the thieves before it is exported. So many are shipped abroad, stolen to order.

 “The information from our tracker gives the real-time location on a map and provides a history of where it has been.

 “For about £200 people can buy their own tracker - it seems a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind.”"




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