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Secure Your Caravan Before The Winter Storage

Article Date: 01/11/2017

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As thousands of caravan owners prepare to put their caravans into storage for the winter months, bosses at a leading security company are urging people to out-think the criminal.

Bosses at Bulldog Security Products in Much Wenlock say thieves are becoming wise to where a factory fitted tracker is fitted on a caravan and motorhome but say a second device could catch them on the hop - and in the act.

 Bulldog managing director Ian Jordan said a second tracker might just give owners the edge in the battle against crime and lessen the distress of having their vehicles stolen.

 The warning comes after two caravans were stolen from a storage facility in West Felton last week including a Swift Freestyle twin axle 2016 caravan.

 A number of caravans were also stolen from across Shropshire throughout the summer and police put out a warning to caravan owners to be on their guard and for anyone who was offered a caravan in suspicious circumstances to contact West Mercia Police.

 A motorhome was also stolen off a garage forecourt in Oswestry where the thieves were caught on CCTV calmly cutting through secure fencing and driving the vehicle away.


“Caravan owners have factory-fitted trackers on new caravans but thieves have become wise to where they are fitted and can easily remove them,” Mr Jordan said.


“People know the new vehicles have a tracker fitted and think that is enough, but thieves know where they are and have no trouble disconnecting them.


“We see a peak in the sale of trackers at the beginning of the season when people are regularly using their caravans and motorhomes but then people seem to think they are in storage and safe.


“The reality is that they are in storage, often surrounded by fencing and CCTV but the thieves will still get them if they want to.


“We are aware that caravans are stolen to order - a specific brand or model - whereby thieves will plan the theft meticulously and know they have more time as the caravan is in situ for longer during the winter months.


“It is more unusual to see a tourer on the road in the winter months so we would urge people to be more alert and take registration plates, times and dates of where you see them if it seems unusual.


“We have had instances whereby the second tracker is the one which remains on the vehicle and the owner is alerted straight away through their phone so they can keep police updated as to where it is going. This time is invaluable in increasing the chances of getting your caravan or motorhome back.


“We want people to fit that second tracker and move it around regularly so when the factory fitted tracker is ripped off by thieves, the second Bulldog tracker is still in situ doing its job.”




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