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*NEW* Lorry Door Lock Launch

Article Date: 15/01/2024

The Bulldog lorry door lock range has expanded and we have recently launched two more models, the LD200 and LD300 which both provide added security for lorries by securing the rear external handle.

For full information on each product see the links below:

LD100- Bulldog LD100 Lorry Door Lock - Bulldog Security Products (bulldogsecure.com)

LD200- Bulldog LD200 Lorry Door Lock - Bulldog Security Products (bulldogsecure.com)

LD300- Bulldog LD300 Lorry Door Lock - Bulldog Security Products (bulldogsecure.com)


For more information on our HGV security: Bulldog Vans and HGV security - Bulldog Security Products (bulldogsecure.com)


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