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Bulldog CA2000 Centaur Wheel Clamp

Product Details

The CA2000 wheel clamp is suitable for car, caravans, trailers, quads, ATV's and UTV's.

* High security drill and pick resistant lock.

* Heavy duty and highly visible.

* Fully strengthened steel bottom arms.

* Adjustable arms allow fitment to a varity of wheel sizes.

* Protects wheel nuts.

* Recommended for alloy wheels.

* Sold Secure Gold Approval

* Insurance Approved

* The Centaur Wheelclamp meets Police approved standards.

  Secured by Design is the only form of Police approval for products in the UK.

Magazine Reviews:

Practical Caravan Magazine - "A real bruiser of a Wheel Clamp the Centaurs success reflects its smart thief proof design." Undefeated.

What Car? Security Super Test Best Product-
"The Centaurs sheer size and bright colour helps to put thiefs off"

Towergate Bakers offer £25 off Caravan Insurance against new applications and renewals of existing policies.


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Data Sheet [Heavy Duty Wheelclamps.PDF]
File Size: 624.10KB

Size Chart [Titan Size Chart.pdf]
File Size: 378.85KB

Instruction [Centaur Instruction.pdf]
File Size: 1.75MB

Size Chart for Quads, ATV's and UTV's [Quad, ATV & UTV Centaur Size Chart.pdf]
File Size: 180.42KB

Registered in England & Wales No: 1799475
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