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Bulldog CT600 Chereau Container Lock

Product Details

Bulldog CT600 container lock was designed and manufactured for the rear door locking system on Chereau box trailers June 2009 onwards.


* The enclosed outer sleeves slide over the door handles and the two halves are locked centerally

* Distance to outside of handles = 825mm approx.

  Width of box that fits over handles = 137mm

  Depth of the box = 20mm

* 75mm x 6mm case hardened steel arms offer a serious deterrent to thieves

* Easily moved from trailer to trailer

* Utilises the Bulldog highly developed 10 pin plunge lock, anti drill centre pin. Can be locked without the use of keys.

* Additional holes in lock arms for attachment of security seals

* Multiple locks can br supplied with the same key for fleet of multi user applications




Data Sheet [CT600.pdf]
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Instruction [CT550 AND CT600 Chereau Container Lock.pdf]
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