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Bulldog GE8 Anti Snake Stabiliser

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Pot holes, speeding vehicles and uneven road surfaces are just some of the hazards that can make towing a caravan or trailer a dangerous experience.

Easily fitted with no holes to drill the GE8 will help reduce these effects. Compatible for use with all hitch heads including "stabiliser" hitch's the Bulldog stabiliser has a friction area Ten times greater than that found in the integral hitch and is incorporated within a torque head assembly which does not rely on gripping a ball to offer resistance against swaying movement,

A silicone chrome leaf spring takes care of pitching movement and again does not rely on gripping a ball to be effective. With over 250,000 past and present users the GE8 is a proven answer to staying in control.


At a glance

  • Complete with LC8 for swan neck towbars
  • Compatible with stabiliser hitch heads
  • Proven anti pitch and snake controls
  • Improved driver confidence
  • Easy to fit




Downloads [Stabilisers.PDF]
File Size: 189.93KB

Instruction [Lc8.PDF]
File Size: 756.33KB

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