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Police track down the criminals and we track down your possessions

Date: 24/09/2018

We spend a lot of time surrounding ourselves with things we need, things we are interested in and things we treasure, then someone comes along and steals them!

Theft and burglary are on the increase and it's often the case that we pay little attention to keeping our prized possessions safe until it's too late. There is still a mindset of "it couldn't happen to me" in the vast majority of cases - well, unfortunately, it could and all too often does.

Whether it is our possessions at home, place of work, our favourite sports club or an organisation we belong to such as a church or community group - without those goods we would face problems. Building and premises security is one of our number one priorities - have you got any of this security in place?

It's amazing just how cavalier we can be when it comes to protecting ourselves and our property when in so many instances the most basic of precautions will avoid the heartache and distress of loss.

The police are sworn to protect life and property and while they may be committed to keeping us and our possessions safe there is no doubt that these days they need some help.

Funding cuts have necessitated a change in focus of how our police forces operate and there are not enough frontline officers on the streets to be able to deliver on that commitment as they would like.

They are still out there tracking down criminals, however, while here at Bulldog Security Products we are also committed to helping prevent theft by producing a variety of high quality devices which often stop the theft from happening in the first place.

We are also able to aid the efforts of the boys in blue by keeping track of your possessions with a range of trackers that can be fitted to almost anything you can think of. This simple device helps you trace the stolen item, aids the police in recovery and hopefully results in arrest and prosecution.

Fitting a tracker is simple and an effective way of keeping tabs on your property. We can also recommend trackers for people, with increasing numbers now turning to the device to keep track of their children or elderly relatives who may be suffering from illness.

It not only gives the reassurance of knowing where your loved ones are at all times, but also lets you know if they have collapsed or are in need of assistance.

Keeping track of your possessions is a basic step you can take to protect your loved ones and your property, it is also helping the police in the never-ending fight against crime.
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