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Spring has Sprung!!

Date: 20/03/2023


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The birds are singing, the plants are blooming and there is a bright yellow circle in the sky.
The first day of spring marks the vernal equinox - the first day of balance between daylight and darkness. Increased light brings an added release of serotonin (the ‘feel-good hormone') into our bodies. The extra hours of sunlight and the ability to go outside can-do wonders for our health and improve our moods.

What is the real name for spring?
Originally, spring was known as lent, or the lenten season, which came from the Old English lengten, which means "to make longer or greater in length." Referring to the fact that the days are getting longer.

Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations, a time of rebirth, renewal and awakening. ...Starting fresh and starting over so let's begin with the outside of our home

🦋 Clear the guttering of any debris - this will reduce pests, boost your kerb appeal and stop expensive water damage

🦋 Fences & gates can have a spruce up, remove debris and repaint if necessary. Maintain or replace locks and chains

🦋 Check bulbs in security lights are working and wipe them over to ensure a nice bright beam

🦋 The dreaded Garage tidy up - this is an ideal time to sort out and sell anything that is no longer used, tidy the area and maintain or replace your garage door locks

🦋 Wash windows and doors to extend their life and enhance your homes appearance

🦋 Clean & weed driveways, check that you have adequate security lighting in the right areas, and add any additional security measures needed such as security posts and a home alarm


With the new blooms of flowers, plants, gardens and trees, many people consider the spring season to be the most beautiful time of the year. After giving your home a big spring clean now its time to move onto the garden

🌷 Sort out your shed. A great time to perform any tool maintenance, oil and sharpen etc. Replenish your supplies of pots, supports & soil

🌷 Check that you have the relevant security measures in place for your sheds & outbuildings. Imagine yourself as a burglar, are you giving them an easy time?

🌷 Maintain or replace door locks and chains & anchors

🌷 Tidy up flowerbeds and borders. Save money by planting hardy vegetables such as onions, peas, cauliflower, leeks & potatoes

🌷 Lawn Care: Remove winter debris and reseed any damaged areas ready for a lush green lawn come summertime

🌷 Clean down any outdoor furniture, BBQs and plant pots

🌷 Lastly, put the kettle on... have a cuppa and admire your hard work!

Facts about spring

🦋 Spring begins on the Vernal Equinox.

🦋 Many cultures celebrate the whole day as the March equinox. But the equinox actually occurs at a specific moment in time around the world when the Sun crosses the celestial equator which in the UK is on Monday 20th March 2023 at 9.24pm.

🦋 An equinox is the only time when both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere experience roughly equal amounts of daytime and night time.

🦋 The name equinox is derived from the Latin words aequus, meaning equal, and nox, meaning night.


Perfect equinoctial markers:
🌷 The Great Sphinx of Giza, built around 2500 B.C as the Sun nears the horizon, you'll observe it settle directly onto the Sphinx's right shoulder.

🌷 Machu Picchu (Peru) Intihuatana is a giant stone at the top of this sacred mountain. Usually, the stone casts a shadow throughout the day, as any other structure would. However, at exactly noon on the date of the spring or autumn equinox, the Sun's shadow disappears! Therefore, the stone is a precise indicator of the date of the two equinoxes.

🌷 Chichen Itza (Mexico) A huge pyramid built around A.D. 1000 The play of the Sun's light on it signals the beginning of the seasons. On the spring equinox, the light pattern looks like a snake. Mayans called this day "the return of the Sun serpent.



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When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.- Winston Churchill

Date: 14/03/2023

The Hardest thing about Riding BLOG pic .png

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle"
Horses are beautiful majestic creatures that bring joy and happiness to many people around the world. Winston Churchill said "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle" and with over 374,000 horse owning households in the UK we obviously agree.

"The world is best viewed between the ears of your horse."
Spring is a fantastic season for horse riding. As we leave the winter behind and warmer weather makes a more regular appearance there are many reasons to smile and plenty of jobs to be done. Our blog will cover some of the fabulous things that only horse owners & riders will understand now that we have finally reached the Spring season.

"The hardest thing about riding... is the ground."
Fed up of the cold? Riding under floodlights? Mucking out in the dark?
Don't despair. The days are getting longer... the weather warmer...
Nothing puts the spring in both of your step quicker than your first warm day riding outside and spending more time together enjoying nature in the sunshine
After a long winter enjoying the off season, lets be honest, you are both likely to be unfit and stiff. It is important to gradually increase exercises in your horse's routine and also follow your own core, balance and leg exercise and stretching routines to avoid injury.

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."
Bye bye winter blankets & wellies... Hello ‘Riders Tan' & fly masks!
As the fields and bridleways begin to dry out it's smiles all around with a happier horse and less mucking out for you. All of the extra grooming time with your curry comb is so worth it when you are left with a beautiful shiny summer coat topped off with a new all-important fly mask, your horse will look as cute as a frolicking foal in a field.
Celebrate no more heavy rugs, wet and covered in mud. Get them in the wash, repair (using a repair kit available online) and pack them away in an airtight zip bag and say goodbye for the next few months

"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have."

It's time to clear your house and stables of your horse-riding clutter and remove any unfixable items. Spring days are perfect for moving your horse out of their stable to enjoy the fresh air and you can concentrate on a deep clean.
Don't forget to clean and check all light fittings, windows and maintain your security products. SECURITY LIGHTS are an excellent deterrent that automatically turn on as soon as someone steps foot under them. They can be placed outside the stables and at the yard entrance. If you don't have them already fit CHAINS that cannot be easily cut with bolt cutters on your gates and movable yard equipment.
SECURITY POSTS will secure your horse box/trailer and restrict access when you need to.
Take this time to keep on top of the small jobs like squeaky doors, loose bolts and check DOOR LOCKS or GARAGE LOCKS. Organise your tack room and treat yourself to a SADDLE STOP & WALL BRACKET

"Riding never gets easier. You just get better."

It's time to contact some fellow horse buddies and arrange a leisurely ride out together. Improve your horse's social skills and everyone's mood.
Schedules will start doing the rounds of shows and competitions, it's another sign that good weather is coming. Preparation for shows is key. Ensure that your tack is clean and always lock inside your horsebox/vehicle during the show
During shows always lock your tack inside the horsebox/vehicle
Prepare your horse box by fitting a WHEEL CLAMP and HITCH LOCK & TR55

"He knows when you're happy. He knows when you're comfortable. He knows when you're confident. And he always knows when you have treats."


Horse facts
🐎 There are over 600 different horse breeds
🐎 Tallest horse Samson stood at 2.20m (21.25 hands) & weighed 3360lbs / 1524kg
🐎 Smallest horse Thumbelina stood at 17.5" and weighed 57lbs / 26kg
🐎 Fastest horse A Long Goodbye was clocked at 55mph
🐎 Highest recorded jump was over 8ft by Huaso ex-Faithful
🐎 Oldest horse Old Billy lived to the grand old age of 62 (average life span 25-30 yrs.)
🐎 The world's most expensive horse is Fusaichi Pegasus who sold for $70m in 2000
🐎 Handy while standing in a queue... A horse can sleep standing up or lying down
🐎 Horses can be found on every continent apart from Antarctica
🐎 The closest relatives to horse are Donkeys, Zebras and RHINOS!?!!
🐎 A horse cannot breathe through its mouth...only its nose
🐎 Horses can't burp or vomit


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Date: 23/02/2023

Preparing for the season ahead BLOG PIC.png

We've nearly made it to spring! We know some people are hardcore winter caravanners or travelling snowbirds who have enjoyed their second home all year around but, for those who aren't... It's an exciting time of the year when we start to think about the new season ahead of us, wake your caravan from its winter hibernation and get ready to Go Go Go!


SPRING CLEAN -Give the caravan a good clean inside and out. After sitting for a long time, she may smell a little musty this can usually be rectified with a few hours of fresh air circulating. This is a great time to check windows and door seals which may be damaged Air the caravan thoroughly before checking for damp paying special attention to soft furnishings.
Always wash your caravan with a garden hose. Don't use a high-pressure hose that can damage seals. Start with the roof and work your way down

SERVICING If you get a service every year as recommended, we suggest that you book this in advance as many dealerships and service centre workshops get very busy at this time of year.
A basic service should include;
• Chassis and running gear
• Electrical Systems
• Gas Systems
• Water Systems
• Bodywork
• Ventilation
• Fire & Safety

🗸 ROAD TYRES Replace your WINTER WHEELS with road tyres ensuring the wheel bolts have been properly tightened and there are no signs of rust or wear. Check the condition of your road tyres making sure they are inflated to the correct PSI, check for cuts, bulges and the tread depth should meet legal requirements of no less than 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tyre and around the entire circumference. Tyres are date stamped and should be replaced after 5-6 years regardless of tread left.
🗸 WATER Clean & sterilise the water system and Aquaroll to make sure the water you're drinking and using is nice and clean
🗸 GAS - Most caravans use propane or butane gas check your gas bottle is sufficiently full - many suppliers can only refill or exchange bottles due to shortages
🗸 PAPERWORK -Make sure your Caravan & Towing vehicle insurance, tax, MOT & tracking subscriptions are all up to date
Planning on crossing the pond? Then make sure your travel insurance and passports are also current and you adhere to any relevant regulations set by that country. Do not leave any registration documents in the caravan as they can assist thieves' with selling on if stolen
• Top up oil, coolant and washer fluid
• Check condition and pressure of tyres
• Check towing mirrors
• Clean & lubricate HITCHLOCK and WHEELCLAMPS
• Ensure your tow vehicle is equipped with all current security measures. Consider a GPS TRACKER and STEERING WHEEL LOCK if you do not have one.

• Batteries
• Fuses
• Duct tape
• Cable ties
• Bulbs - exterior and interior
• Toolkit
• First aid kit
• Check towing mirrors

EVERYBODY NEEDS GOOD NEIGHBOURS Introduce yourself and make friends - One of the best ways to ensure safety on site is to have plenty of neighbours around who can raise the alarm if anyone is snooping around

Park up your home from home on a seasonal pitch? You should treat your pitch security the same as you would if your caravan was parked at home. Make sure the HITCH LOCK and WHEEL CLAMP are all securely in place and regularly maintained.
Remember your WINTER WHEELS can be used whilst sited on your pitch to save wear and tear on your caravan tyres. Keep Valuables safe on site in our CB10 STORAGE BOX which can be hidden inside a cupboard or wardrobe and consider installing a BD10 Motion Sensor light which is battery operated and easy to install. This will illuminate your pitch when coming back from a trip to the local pub and also deter any potential thieves.

You can view the full Bulldog Security range at www.bulldogsecure.com


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❤️ Protecting what's precious to you ❤️

Date: 09/02/2023

Protecting whats precious to you BLOG Pic .png

As we approach Valentines Day many of us stop to appreciate what is precious to us. While popular culture makes you believe that Valentine's Day is only for love-struck couples, it's a day of love, and that love can be for anyone. Thus, all kinds of love should be celebrated; whether it is for your friends, family and kids. The value placed on a possession is created through a combination of personal importance and monetary value

Precious: Adjective
• valuable and important
• of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly
• of great value because of being rare, expensive, or important

Here's some tips on how to protect what's precious to you

Looking after loved ones...
Whether human or part of our animal world we all have a special someone who we want to protect

• Avoid identity theft - check accounts regularly for suspicious activity, never give out personal info or card details over the telephone
• Use social media wisely, important details are often taken from an innocent post.
• Invest in a personal Tracker TR20 & TR99 for loved ones to carry on their person for peace of mind when out and about or home alone
• Self-Care- Be aware of your own mental and emotional health. Take care of your own needs and don't sacrifice your own well-being to please others

Your home is your haven...
A home isn't just somewhere to live it's a haven offering peace, comfort and shelter

• Invest in a home alarm system or even a dummy box to deter burglars
• Secure your home Wi-Fi and create strong passwords. Don't use the same passwords for every account
• Keep personal documents in a safe place CB10
• Install Smoke & Carbon monoxide alarms
• Secure outbuildings and passageways which often contain expensive tools, some of which a burglar could use to break into your home.
• Make sure that garage & shed doors are solid and fitted with good garage door locks. Always keep garage windows and doors locked, particularly if your garage is attached to your house with a door leading inside.
Chains & Padlocks on side gates and a strong fence can deter burglars
• Gravel driveways and paths make it harder for burglars to approach silently. Security Lights also deter burglars and reduce hiding places.
• If you're a homeowner or business that stores fuels or oils onsite invest in a fuel tank lock.

Passionate about your vehicle?......
Apparently 1 in 10 Brits love their cars more than their partners! If that includes you, don't worry we won't tell! The most common names people give to cars are Betty, Freddie, Daisy and Rosie

Our range of Vehicle Security products include;
• Wheel Clamps
• Steering Wheel Lock
• Van Door Lock
• Tracker BD1 TR36
• Security post

Caravan of Love....
As you know we love our caravans here at Bulldog. They are an affordable way to have regular breaks and amazing experiences on your doorstep and further afield, the added bonus being our dogs can come too! Famous Caravan, Camper & Motorhome lovers include; Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin, Oscar winning Actor Matthew McConaughey, TV Presenter Lorraine Kelly, Chef Jamie Oliver and Dame Helen Mirren

Our range of Caravan, Motorhome and Trailer Security products include;
• Hitch Lock
• Wheel clamp
• Security Post
• Trackers
• Winter Wheels

Valentine's Day Fun Facts....
❤️ The oldest Valentine's Day card was written in the 1400s. It has been preserved in the British Museum for all to see.

❤️ Pets are the Best! While Valentine's Day was originally celebrated for the love among people, people have now started to consider their pets as their Valentines. Approximately 9 million pet owners per year buy gifts for their pets on this special day.

❤️ One day isn't enough for the Argentineans. They take a week to celebrate Valentine's Day and in addition to February 14th they also set aside seven days in July for "sweetness week"!

❤️ Teachers receive the most Valentine's Day cards

❤️ Friends are the real winners in Finland and Estonia who celebrate Friend's Day on February 14th. Cards and gifts are given to everyone from a friend to a neighbour. However, Valentine's Day is still celebrated as a popular day to get engaged in both countries. In Estonia, singletons can also take a ride on the Love Bus, in hopes of meeting an admirer.

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Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

Date: 19/01/2023

In 2022, an average of 159 vehicles were stolen each day which equates to over 58,000 in a year! We have put together some hints and tips to help you keep your vehicle safe.

If you are quickly popping back into the house or refuelling the car, always make sure to lock before you leave. Try to get into the habit of locking your vehicle even if you are only leaving it for a moment. Don't rely on an audio or visual signal actually check its locked as some thieves use ‘jammers' to intercept the signal leaving it unlocked and vulnerable. If your vehicle has wing mirrors that fold in automatically when locked make sure you lock it properly. Many criminal gangs are looking out for vehicles like these where the wing mirrors are still out as its clear that its unlocked. Remember it's illegal to leave your vehicle running unattended so don't be tempted during the cold weather to de-ice or warm the car while you are still inside your home

Keep your keys safe, never leave them unattended in public and when you are at home make sure your keys are both out of sight and reach. It's not uncommon for keys to be stolen from inside your home by thieves fishing for them through your letterbox.
Have a keyless fob to enter and start your vehicle? Always use a faraday bag or shielded wallet when out and about and a lockable metal box when at home, such as our CB10 Portable Security Box. You can also turn off the wireless signals on your fob when it's not being used. This will help to prevent relay theft. Thieves only need to be within metres of your key fob to capture the signal and fool the car into opening and starting.

Old school deterrents are making a big comeback in the digital age particularly wheel clamps and steering wheel locks not only are they visible but also very hard to remove easily or quickly. A visual deterrent is a good way to avoid vehicle theft and its often enough to make an opportunistic thief move on to an easier target

LIGHT up your life
Thieves can use darker times during the day and night to conceal their attempts of theft. Security lights placed around your home and parking area can act as both a deterrent and an effective way to spot someone who shouldn't be there!
A private garage with a Garage Door Locks is one of the safest places to park. If this isn't possible or you are out and about try to find a parking space which is well lit, open and has a high footfall making it visible to the general public.

We DON'T need to SEE WHAT You've GOT
Avoid theft or vandalism by taking your belongings with you when leaving your vehicle. Even loose change on display can be enough for some criminals to strike. Remove anything that can be removed such as SAT NAV's and holders (remembering tell-tale suction marks on the glass), phones and keys etc
Don't leave your logbook or service records in your car. It might seem like logical place to store them but, if you're a victim of car theft, the documents will make it easier for the car to be sold and you could become a victim of identity fraud. CB10 Portable Security Box

Keep TRACK of it
Most modern cars will come with a factory fitted immobiliser, but adding a car alarm can reduce your insurance premium as well as the risk of car theft. The next stage would be to fit a tracker. GPS Trackers might not stop thieves from stealing your vehicle, but will offer an extra layer of security, and make the chances of recovering your car much higher if the worst does happen. They are an affordable addition which can aid personal safety, help to reduce insurance premiums and of course increase the overall security wherever you are.

Taking up just a small amount of space in your boot the below list can make a very big difference in an emergency
• Spare tyre & tools to change
• Warm Clothes/Shoes
• Sunglasses
• First Aid Kit
• Jump leads
• Car Owner's manual
• Ice scraper / De-icer
• Map
• Wind-up Torch
• Water / Snacks
• Phone lead/Charger
• Fuel Can
• Hi-Viz Clothing
• Warning Triangle
• Basic Tool Kit

To view our full range of vehicle and home security products visit our Website


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New Year's Resolution noun.: a promise to do something differently in the new year

Date: 28/11/2022

Who started new year's resolutions?
The origin of making New Year's resolutions rests with the Babylonians, who reportedly made promises to the gods in hopes they'd earn good favour in the coming year. They often resolved to get out of debt. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named

Approximately 40% of UK adults will make a New Year's resolution this year. Resolutions include spending more time with loved ones, sorting out finances and being more eco-friendly.

Success rates of those who make a New Year's resolution:
• Week 1     75% of people are still hanging in there
• Week 2     71%.
• Month 1    64%.
• 6 months   46% are still successful in keeping their New Year's Resolution

Reasons given for failure:
• 35% I set unrealistic goals.
• 33% I didn't track my progress.
• 23% I forgot I made a resolution.
• 10% I made too many resolutions.

Need inspiration? Here's our Top New Year's Resolution ideas

• Manage money better.
• Eat better & Drink more Water
• Learn something new.
• Enjoy life more.

Manage Money Better A New Year's resolution that will help you the most in the long run

• Take control of your finances by evaluating where you are right now. Create a simple budget that works for you and review any debts you may have.
Make a plan for how you'll stick to it and re-examine your budget on a regular basis
• Use comparison websites to compare quotes and reduce your spending by searching for discounts and using vouchers/coupons where available
• Cancel unnecessary subscriptions. You may have some you have never even used!
• Save on your weekly shop by meal planning

Eat Better & Drink more Water

• Weekly meal prepping and planning. Spending more time in the kitchen isn't always easy, but meal prepping can save you time and money during the week.
• Stop asking yourself if you have the time to cook - and rather focus on the kinds of recipes you can do
• Cook something new each week - Everyone wants to eat healthier in the new year, but you should also try to eat more diverse foods. After all, variety is the spice of life. This year, choose an easy dinner recipe you've never tried before at least once a week.
• Drink more water You know you need to hydrate - but it's especially important when you get only six hours of sleep (or less!). You're more likely to be dehydrated the day after a disrupted night of sleep, because a hormone that regulates your body's water conservation is released during later stages of sleep. So down some extra water on those days if you can - and remember that too much water can be tricky for your gut, too.

Learn something new Exercise your brain!

• Read more books... Being part of a local library means you don't need to spend a penny to read the latest blockbuster and you can also access free computer facilities or try a new music album or film.
• Join a local club - learn a new skill and increase your social circle.
• Explore new hobbies at home. Grow some herbs or veggies to lower your weekly shopping bill. Get out Grandmas old knitting needles and make a blanket for the local hospital or animal shelter.
• Become a plant parent - The presence of indoor plants can lower human stress levels, actively caring for plants can calm the autonomic nervous system and lower blood pressure.

Enjoy life more. This one's obvious; we all like to have fun and enjoy ourselves. ...

• Commit to a healthier sleep routine so you are as bright as a button and ready to start your day

• Plan a holiday or short break. Research has found that even thinking about an upcoming trip can boost happiness for weeks. The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty about travelling abroad for some so instead, you might take a UK camping trip, visit the next town over in your caravan, or explore some National Parks with a hiking club. 

• Make time for cuddling. When we cuddle our bodies release "feel good" hormones. Once the hormones are released, we experience feelings of happiness, relaxation and lower levels of depression.

• Chill out! Start working on letting go of any anger. Constantly feeling angry can induce headaches, anxiety, digestion problems and high blood pressure, among other drawbacks. Say goodbye to toxic people and get the closure you need to grow.

• Give yourself AND others more compliments.

• Put your phone down. 83% of people claim to have lost track of how long they have spent on their devices... Time which can be better spent with loved ones or self-care.

• Play upbeat music - Blasting out your favourite song can help to reduce pain and lower stress levels.

• Make time for Self-care

• This one should be a priority! Do something nice for yourself once a week. It could be enjoying a long soak in the bath or treating yourself to a manicure.

• Do whatever feels fun. Life is short. Live it!


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Keep Christmas under wraps?'Tis the season to be visible.

Date: 28/11/2022

There is a burglary in the UK every 108 seconds. By taking simple measures, you can concentrate on having a great Christmas without having to worry about the security of your home.

Light Up your Home Burglars can use the darker days around Christmas to conceal their break-ins from your neighbours. Security lights placed around your home can act as both a deterrent and an effective way to spot anyone trying to break into your home. A lovely display of festive lights can also help to provide some much-needed illumination around your house at this time of year.

Hide Presents. Once presents are bought and wrapped, its tempting to leave them under the tree ready for Christmas day. However, if your tree can be seen from the outside, it provides temptation to burglars who will know where to find them without searching and increasing the risk of being caught. The loft is a great place to keep them as its hard to get to. Only bring presents out on Christmas Eve to give intruders a smaller chance of seeing them and planning a break-in.

Don't let your home appear empty. If you're going away for Christmas, do everything you can to ensure a burglar can't find out. Burglars often look for signs that homeowners are on holiday e.g., social media, post by the door, empty driveways and no lights on. A home alarm system not only gives peace of mind when away but also when you are at home.

Don't tell the whole world. Criminals are turning to social media to look for potential targets. Telling every man and their dog your plans let burglars know when your house is going to be empty. Uploading your expensive Christmas gifts on Facebook is another bad idea, you're basically advertising your expensive items that are available to be taken from your home! If you can't face the thought of a social media free Christmas, make sure that the privacy settings on your accounts are up to date and only those that you want to see, can!

Lock up Garden Sheds & Garages. We often forget to secure outbuildings like sheds and garages. These areas give intruders additional entry points to your main home and access to tools that will make their break-in easier. Security lights and high-quality locks can help here! Burglaries can have a significant financial, emotional and mental impact on your family. Make sure your Christmas isn't ruined by protecting your home from break-ins.

Recycle packaging carefully. If your lucky enough to be gifted expensive items at Christmas, be careful not to advertise your new valuables to burglars by leaving the packaging outside. Fold packaging down (ideally inside out) to fit in your recycling bin, take it to your nearest recycling centre, or only put it out right before its due to be collected.

Keep cash secure. Cash is a popular gift for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones. Just be careful how you store it around the house. If you have to keep cash at home rather than in the bank invest in a security box and keep it out of view along with all bank cards, important documents and receipts.

Enjoy yourself Most importantly, enjoy the festive season and have a great Christmas!

Keep Christmas under wraps (002).png

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Shocking new car theft trends hit the UK

Date: 28/11/2022

It has been recently reported that we have been hit with several shocking new car theft trends which can cost car owners thousands.

Car thefts are up 30% in parts of the UK. Less less than 28% of those stolen vehicles were ever recovered in 2021, compared to 80% in 2006. Bulldog Tracking systems benefit from a 99% recovery rate.

Home Office figures state that 108,542 vehicles were stolen in 2021/22 in England and Wales alone but, thieves don't always take the vehicle... just the parts they want!
Criminal gangs usual target their vehicle for theft due to the model and colour of the car and most successful thieves will steal 60 to 90 cars per week.

Air Bag Theft - There was a 68% rise in insurance claims for damaged and stolen steering wheels in 2021. It's a quick buck for thieves, they can Smash the car window and remove the car steering wheel in less than 60 seconds and sell them on for up to £500 each
Research shows they are stolen to remove and sell the airbags housed inside or sell the steering wheel as a complete unit. Repairs can cost the car owner up to £1000 - £3,500, depending on the model.

But WHY? - Criminals are taking advantage of a supply chain issue. The rise in thefts has been higher following the pandemic as factories that produce airbags may have been impacted by Covid, either shutting down or struggling to keep up with demand once they reopen. This has resulted in criminals taking advantage of the lack of available stock.
Cutting a ‘door' in the tailgate -Thieves are targeting certain models of car and making discreet cuts in the tailgate to create a door to access the cables that pass through. When cut, this can deactivate the alarm and open the doors making the theft of the car a relativity easy job.

You can try to stop thieves from cutting a hole by ensuring your car is located in a well-lit area or stored safely in a garage but, to stop the car from being physically driven away a cheap effective solution is to buy a steering-wheel lock that will put thieves off with a visual deterrent and immobilise the steering wheel.


• Do you have a garage? ..Then use it. Lock away your vehicle in the garage, out of sight with additional security measures fitted such as wheel clamps and a GPS Tracker. LINK- GARAGE DOOR LOCKS & WHEEL CLAMPS

• If you don't have a garage to park your vehicle in you can invest in additional visual deterrents and add an extra layer of security with a steering wheel lock.

• Park in a safe, well-lit area whenever you leave your car. 80% of car crime occurs during the evening or at night. Home security lights are a great addition to any home or Parking near street lamps or in a busy area can deter thieves. 

• Always double-check that your vehicle is locked every time you leave it. It's a simple mistake that can turn into a nightmare. 44% of cars that were broken into last year was via an unlocked door.

• Fit a GPS Tracker for peace of mind, wherever your car is.

• If you have CCTV or a video doorbell, make sure it covers your vehicle where it is parked or stored.

• And finally, if you see anyone acting suspiciously near a vehicle, don't hesitate to call the police to make them aware.


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Alert over 'big problem' of rural crime

Date: 16/11/2022

The National Farmers' Union has highlighted the ‘big problem' of rural crime and urged farmers to step up their security.

In an address to farmers, NFU Shropshire adviser Edward Garratt said farms in Shropshire should not be seen as a soft target and warned that darker winter nights and rising prices of heating oil, diesel, agricultural machinery and fertiliser were adding to the problem.

In the spotlight

The story was carried in the Shropshire Star and is yet another example of just how vulnerable our rural communities are - particularly farms with their high cost vehicles, tools and livestock.

Mr Garratt said: "Rural crime is a ‘big' problem for Shropshire farmers, some of whom have been victims of arson, vandalism and burglary but also everything from vehicle and livestock theft right through to hare coursing and fly-tipping. Our farms should not be seen as a soft target for criminals."

Rural crime costs millions of pounds every year and insurer NFU Mutual says claims for thefts reveal farm vehicles, including tractors, quad bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) pick-up trucks, and Land Rover Defenders, are all prime targets for rural thieves.

It's strangely ironic that the very qualities that attract us to living in the countryside, including fewer people in quiet isolated areas, are also the very conditions that criminals thrive on. They can move around the peaceful country lanes often totally unobserved scouting out their next potential target.

The situation is made even worse at this time of year as darker nights and poor weather mean most of us are less likely to venture outside, giving thieves almost free reign.

Toughening up security

It's important to protect your property and do whatever you can to make things more difficult for thieves. Measures you can take include:

● Always keep equipment locked and housed in secure buildings
● Install CCTV and security lighting
● Ensure walls and gates around your property are robust and well maintained
● Fit trackers to all agricultural equipment and all-terrain vehicles
● Carry out regular security checks
● Lock gates into your property
● Fit fuel tank locks
● Join a local farm watch or WhatsApp group

It's impossible to stop criminals driving around our countryside eyeing up potential targets, but it is possible to make your property and possessions as safe and secure as you can.

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Home security: Don't forget garage door locks, shed and workshop locks and security lighting

Date: 03/11/2022

We go to great lengths to secure our homes - so it's a pity that most of us don't apply the same logic when it comes to protecting our sheds, garages and workshops!

It's understandable - the team at Bulldog Security Products understand. The majority of our valued possessions are scattered around our homes and even the most cursory of assessments in value is enough to make us sweat in trepidation at the loss involved in having these treasured items whisked away through criminal activity.

Think security

Your home is of course also the place where you keep the most important thing in your life, your family, which only adds to the necessity of keeping your home as safe and secure as possible to ensure their safety at all times.

But just think for a moment about the other areas of your property which are deserving of a similar degree of protection. Sheds and workshops are places to store important items away from the ravages of the weather, but also double up as locations to keep things away from the gaze of prying criminal eyes and potential theft.

The Metropolitan Police say the five most valuable items kept in sheds and workshops are:

● Lawnmowers
● Garden tools
● Sports equipment
● Bikes
● Power tools

Racking up the value

There are of course many other things that are shut away in these ‘out buildings', all of which rack up the pound signs when you stop and consider a cumulative value. Then, there is your garage. It probably contains the second most valuable inanimate item you will ever own - your car, which is why security here is also of such paramount importance.

The clocks have gone back for another year, how quickly that comes around, and darker nights are a formidable ally to the criminal. It means the thief can roam with relative impunity, stalking valuable prey before pouncing on unsuspecting premises and making off with their ill-gotten gains.

It's time to stop them

The tragedy in all this is that it is so easy to take the necessary precautions to prevent this happening. We have the options available to help you achieve this and strongly urge you to take action now to toughen up your security.

This includes shed and workshop door locks, security lighting, employing security chains, fitting roller shutter locks to your garage, fitting trackers and using alarms - all methods designed to deter thieves and keep your property safe.



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