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Trackers - the safe option for those you care for!

Date: 11/05/2021

Do you track your employees to protect their safety? Are your children venturing further out for exercise? Are you concerned about the welfare of elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends? Tracking is not about Big Brother watching you but more about caring!

Trackers are a great way of knowing where a person is if something happens to them - allowing you to respond quickly. They provide peace of mind and reassurance for you and those who are tracked.

Just think for a moment about how happier you would feel if you could provide this extra layer of security for someone in your care or you are responsible for. Bad things happen - it's a fact of life, but the security of a personal tracker means you will always be on hand to act should the need arise.

Protecting your workforce

There are many jobs where people:

● Work alone
● Need to make visits to the homes of people they may not know well
● Spend time in lonely, rural locations
● Are required to visit urban areas which carry a heightened risk to personal safety - particularly at night

These are all prime examples of when and where a tracker is of great benefit - occasions where employees may be in danger of attack or at risk of having an accident which may otherwise not be known until it could be too late.

A tracker means always being aware of where your employee is and the alarm can be raised by them or you if something goes wrong.

Keep it in the family

The chances are your children are starting to spread their wings with the lifting of restrictions, meaning getting out and about more and being susceptible to the increased dangers that brings. A tracker allows you to know where they are at all times - and, as parents ourselves, we know just how important that is when your child fails to check-in!

You may have elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends, they may have dementia or Alzheimer's, and their movements are unpredictable. A tracker provides the reassurance of knowing their whereabouts - your eyes and ears to safeguard their ongoing safety.

Our TR20 is the smallest and lightest - but don't judge its effectiveness on that! And for those who always need the toughest phone protector then this is the tracker for you - the rugged, tough one - TR99!

Simple but effective

A Bulldog tracker is a simple device with a ‘man down' feature and an SOS button which is activated if someone falls over. It gives the person time to get up but if they can't, the tracker will automatically contact the preset emergency numbers to alert help.

The tracker is cost-effective, easy to carry and its GPS location can be followed on your mobile phone or through an online tracking portal. It really is that easy!

And you can keep watch from the palm of your hand with our simple app.

For more information on Bulldog tracking solutions, call the team on 01952 728171.



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Caravans and motorhomes hitting the road from April 12 - stay safe with Bulldog!

Date: 01/04/2021

It's a great feeling! Freedom from the constraints of lockdown and the chance to get back on the road again with the much-loved motorhome or caravan - but don't let the thrill of the moment get the better of you and remember your security precautions!

It would be a real shame if the delights of being able to travel and socialise once again were cruelly crushed by becoming the victim of theft, so when you reach your destination ensure all your security measures are in place before you crack open the bubbly and meet up with friends.

Still one of the very best

Bulldog has a range of products which will help to ensure a crime-free experience and that all the valuable possessions you take with you on your trip will be making the return journey!

When you're packing for your break don't forget to include a wheelclamp or steering wheel lock for the motrohome or caravan and your hitchlock to prevent your tourer being hooked up and driven away.

Good, sensible and simple safety measures which are not only effective in preventing theft but also a valuable deterrent for thieves who are touring sites looking for an easy target.

Keeping track

Your security shopping list should also include an additional tracker which will allow you and the police to keep tabs on your pride and joy should the unthinkable happen and even alert you to any unwarranted attention through movement or tampering.

New caravans and motorhomes are fitted with a tracker these days but it really doesn't hurt to have another one fitted. Thieves often know where to look and if they find one, they may not be aware of the other.

Locked up tight

Another vital asset to your security armoury is the Bulldog Secure Alarm - a state-of-the-art system which is providing an unprecedented level of security in protecting homes - but is equally effective when installed in your caravan or motorhome.

There really is nowhere for thieves to hide with this alarm, one of our greatest creations, and one which is seeing criminals cursing their misfortune when they land on a property, caravan or motorhome protected by this unrivalled security deterrent.

We are delighted to see our many friends being able to hit the road again over the coming weeks and months. If you are venturing out make sure to take us with you and stay secure with Bulldog!

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Home improvements or extensions? - be sure to include the Bulldog Alarm!

Date: 26/03/2021

Posh new garden room, home office, gym or man cave? Many people will be in the process of improving or extending their home but we hope you haven't forgotten the all-important optional extra - a home alarm!

There seems little point going to the trouble of spending all that time and expense on getting your home the way you want it with all the things you've worked so hard for if you don't intend to protect them adequately.

The overall value of things in your home will surprise you - people are rarely aware of what it would cost to replace treasured items if they are stolen or destroyed. Just take a moment to look around and have a quick tot-up in a couple of rooms. We think you'll be amazed!

Alarm blog banner.png

An effective alarm system

There are a number of good, reliable, home alarm systems on the market but before looking elsewhere we would like you to think about what we consider to be best - the Buldog Secure Alarm.

You can fit it yourself in under an hour, which seriously cuts down on installation costs, and quite simply provides everything you would expect from an industry leading home alarm system. It even allows you to zone the inside and outside of your home so you will be instantly alerted - wherever you are - to which area triggered the alarm. The alarm also:

● Has two-way wireless technology, linking to a smartphone app, sending pictures to you and the police of what set the alarm off and where and when.
● Allows you to add extra sensors for blanket coverage of your home, with no blind spots.
● Has highly efficient audible alarm and ‘sounders' for increased protection.
● Comes with smoke and heat detectors.
● Has the advantage of no expensive services cost or rental contracts.

Other benefits

The app offers a quick, easy and efficient way of sending alerts directly to your phone and the alarm provides the flexibility of remote access, has flood alert sensors and is pet friendly - recognising the movement of your pet around the home and successfully distinguishing it from criminal activity.

Sensors can also be added to essential parts of the home such as medicine cabinets, fridge and food cupboards which can act as a warning if an elderly or otherwise vulnerable person doesn't open these doors for any length of time.

The fully remote access feature allows us to be able to reset the alarm or deal with any technical issues that may arise without the need of a visit. The Bulldog Secure Alarm is just the thing you've been looking for to keep your home, family and possessions safe. For more information, call our team on 01952 728171.


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Are you confident your plant and other equipment on your construction site is safe?

Date: 16/03/2021

It's been a topsy-turvy year in construction. Sites have been opened, closed and somewhere in between too! The very nature of the industry means equipment used on these sites is very expensive - so just how safe is yours?

Plant equipment, vehicles and materials are valuable assets with much of it needing to be left on-site, making it a great target for thieves. Construction has been continuing to varying degrees for most of the last year but with the country starting to open up again, now is an ideal time to review your security.

A growing problem

Thefts from construction sites are costing the industry £800m every year and one in five companies say they are targeted on a weekly basis. Incredibly, there has been a 50% increase in construction site thefts during the on-off lockdowns of the last year while overall crime rates are reported to have fallen by 40% during the same period. So why are construction sites so vulnerable?

● Sites are often left unsecured and unprotected
● They are quiet places where thieves can operate overnight without being disturbed
● Sites are easy to access
● Keys are often left in vehicles
● Locks and anchorage points are not robust enough

Not up to the task

Construction site security is, by and large, simply not tough enough. Perimeter fences and gates, even if fitted, are all-too often no deterrent to thieves as not even the most basic of security precautions are taken.

Any measures you take to upgrade security will be better than what's in place at the moment! Some of the things you should consider include:

Security lighting and CCTV - an immediate theft deterrent and cameras are an asset in identifying criminals or their vehicles if a crime is carried out
Installing an alarm
● Sturdy locks and chains - equipment is often left lying around and even when padlocks and security chains are used, they can be of a poor quality. Using a toughened robust product will add an extra layer of security on things like quad bikes and other mobile equipment
Skip and container locks - a simple and effective way of securing skips and containers by fitting a lock over the lifting point to immobilise the skip or container
Eyelocks and hitch locks - two devices which prevent the hooking up and towing away of trailers
Wheelclamps - easy to fit and another option in slowing down or preventing a potential theft
Security posts - a physical barrier helping to ensure that essential equipment stays where it is left
Trackers - the perfect way to keep tabs on expensive equipment. Trackers can also help prevent theft with a Smart system which will alert you to any tampering or unauthorised movement

To find out more about how you can protect your construction site and equipment, call the Bulldog Security Products team on 01952 728171.




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Dogs being stolen - track them and track yourself!

Date: 08/03/2021

Dogs are our faithful and trusted friends but over recent months they have become an increasingly desired commodity, which has seen a rise in the prices people are willing to pay and growth in criminal activity as thieves try to cash in on the demand.

Our dogs are part of the family and give us so much but the hike in prices being paid puts them in danger of being targeted by criminals, which is why we would like to raise awareness of the situation and tell you that something CAN be done to prevent it.

It seems like we are hearing on a daily basis of dogs being stolen or alerts being put out by police and local communities about suspicious activity and someone, individually or in gangs, targeting our dogs.

A national dilemma

It's a nationwide problem and one which has become worse over the lockdown's of the last year. We hear of thieves cruising areas looking to see which premises have dogs, property, streetlights, telegraph poles and the like being daubed with information to thieves about where dogs can be found, and even people out walking their dog being targeted as criminals try to take pets from their owners.

There is no doubt that this horrifying trend is big business and when people are prepared to pay over-inflated prices for a ‘product', there is always some unscrupulous person willing to fill the need.

And it's not just pedigree dogs that are at risk. Puppies are of course the ideal target but dogs of any description and variety are eagerly sought, regardless of whether they are pedigree or not - just as long as they can produce puppies.

Police forces up and down the country are making arrests, and issuing warnings for dog owners to tighten up their security - with, unfortunately, many examples of this problem right here on our doorstep in Shropshire.

Do something about it

So what steps can you take to ensure the safety and security of your pet? And while you're about it, why not think about your own personal security as well?

Many people are aware of the benefits of tracking their vehicles but may not know that you can actually track yourself, a loved one or your pet! It's a great way of knowing where your dog is at all times because you just can't keep your eye on them 24/7, they have to go out into the garden or on a walk - times when they are most vulnerable. Many of our customers just pop the tracker in a pocket in the dog's posh coat or jumper or attach it to the back of their collar so it can't get near their mouth.

Our TR99 tracker is our most robust product - it might be small but it packs a punch or two! Features include SOS, Two Way, Man Down and 400-hours of battery life - oh and it's waterproof!

Whilst our TR20 is our lightest tracker one which is your total "safety buddy."

Maybe you keep your dogs in a secure kennel or even have their own extension to your home and you want your locks and doors to be secure - check out the TR21.

If the worst should happen and they are stolen from your property or grabbed from you while out and about, you and the police will be able to follow their journey and, hopefully, get them back.

The same goes for your personal safety. Trackers, which also include a personal alarm, will keep track of you with cutting edge technology and alert the appropriate people if you fall, are attacked or disappear - a Smart way of ensuring you remain safe and can be found if the situation arises.

Bulldog trackers have a solution for every situation - including pets, and we would be delighted to talk through the options with you.

We're not new to this business - you may have seen our Bulldog brand across the UK over the last 35 years - on a caravan, motorhome, shipping container or van?

Give us a call today on 01952 728171.

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Staycations - they are here to stay so remember your security.

Date: 08/02/2021

We've all dreamed of those holidays abroad and at home too and dreaded further cancellations but they certainly reared their ugly head again with Lockdown 3.

We really hope you have stayed safe at home with your families or if alone have reached out for support.

And now the end could be in sight - after we get through this current period together and with the vaccination programme well underway we hope confidence will build and people may get to their dream destinations.

However we aren't sure whether the confidence in jumping on a plane will be there just yet and people (many who discovered the beauty of our country in 2020) will stick to what they know and enjoy the opportunities right here on our doorstep.

So where will you be heading when we can? The beautiful beaches of Cornwall; the Welsh mountains on your bike or maybe the North Coast 500 in Scotland is on your list.

Maybe the home of our business - Shropshire - is the place to be for you. A long weekend at one of our many beautiful glamping destinations such as Shropshire Hills Glamping, Love 2 Stay or Shropshire Luxury Glamping.

Perhaps a hotel stay is much needed and if you are staying in Shropshire then there's the wonderful Best Western Valley Hotel at Ironbridge or Fishmore Hall in Ludlow and so many more too! We are spoiled in beautiful Shropshire.

Wherever you travel to when we are allowed make sure you enjoy every second - we may have realised how much we have previously taken for granted.

Anyway right let's get back to our subject - we got carried away then!

So if you've got your motorhome or caravan ready for your staycation then make sure your security is top notch!

We don't need to name them to you but have a look here and see if there is anything missing. We are delivering all over the UK in order to ensure your motorhome or caravan is safe whether it is on your drive, in storage or on a seasonal pitch.

And don't forget you can find all of our trackers here.


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Seasonal pitch? You still need your security!

Date: 08/02/2021

Come on - the sun will soon be shining, more people will have been vaccinated and restrictions will have eased. We just need to stay positive and think of the holidays!

It's that time of year when we usually allow ourselves to start thinking about better weather, brighter times and a holiday break. At the moment the break may still seem some way off as we continue to battle through the pandemic but there is light at the end of the tunnel

We know many of you love your caravan, which may be on a seasonal pitch here in the beautiful Shropshire countryside - were you able to get away between the November lockdown and lockdown 3? Or have you been unable to get there since the October half-term?

Whatever the circumstances we are sure that, like us, you can't wait to get back out to your pride and joy and spend some quality free time in your caravan with your loved ones. But remember, while our caravans will be waiting for us when lockdown 3 ends, thieves won't be adhering to lockdown rules so make sure yours is safe.

A timely reminder

As you look forward to the year ahead, now is the ideal time to review your caravan security and make sure it is as tight as possible. Caravans are tempting targets for thieves and are often left unattended for long periods with valuable possessions inside. Thieves know this and are only too eager to cash in on what they believe are easy pickings, so don't do anything to encourage them.

Some of the steps to consider are:

Security lighting - a great deterrent which will alert others on the site to any activity around your caravan
● Cameras - there are a number of cameras available which will keep an eye on your caravan for you
Alarm - the Bulldog Secure Alarm is leading the way when it comes to home security and is equally effective in securing your caravan. Its cutting edge technology is second-to-none in protecting your property and alerting you to any threatening criminal activity
Sturdy chains and padlocks - still the most simple but effective way of securing your caravan and any storage units you may have to house those valuable possessions you need while on your break.
Wheel clamps are a must of course.
Security posts give that added obstacle.
● Don't forget the Bulldog hitch lock.

Our team at Bulldog has been advising, helping and supporting customers for many years - providing a comprehensive range of products which continue to be the strongest and toughest deterrent across the full range of security requirements. For more about how we can help you, call us on 01952 728171.

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Extra home security this Christmas - remember, thieves don't do lockdown or take a festive break!

Date: 20/11/2020

Christmas is just around the corner, a time which puts an extra glint in the eye of thieves at the prospect of all those presents lying around homes just waiting to be stolen!

Home security is vitally important at any time of year but the risks of being targeted by criminals are heightened around Christmas and remember, thieves don't take a festive break or bother with the restrictions of lockdown!

Be vigilant and take time to think about how you can tighten up your home security with the help of Bulldog's tried and tested products to ensure you avoid the heartache and expense of becoming a victim of theft and that thieves remain empty handed.

Worth protecting - everyone at Bulldog Security Products in Shropshire thinks so!

Areas on your security to do list include:


A home alarm is still the most effective way of protecting your family and possessions - and we have one of the very best!

The Bulldog Secure Alarm can be fitted quickly and easily, sends alerts straight to your phone and takes pictures automatically when the alarm goes off. It can be accessed remotely, will tell you where in the home the alarm was triggered, is pet friendly and has police interaction.

Alarm blog banner.png

Other positive steps you can take to complement this comprehensive security asset include CCTV and Security lighting - a package of options which are simple, effective and an excellent deterrent against home invasion.

Having tightened up home security, don't forget garages, sheds and workshops, all of which house important possessions with a cumulative cost that may well surprise you. Once again Bulldog comes through with a range of Chains and padlocks, Garage/roller shutter door locks and Shed and workshop door locks all designed to provide maximum protection.

Cars, quad bikes and motorcycles are more expensive items which need your attention. Make sure all your vehicles are tracked. This will alert you to any tampering, let you know where your vehicle is at all times and aid in its recovery if stolen.

Christmas may look a little different this year but one thing remains the same - thieves will still be looking for the opportunity to deprive you of your prized possessions. Don't make it a merry Christmas for them!

For more information, telephone the Bulldog team on 01952 728171.

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No caravan show at Birmingham but don't worry, you can still buy direct from our stockists!

Date: 19/10/2020

The Motorhome and Caravan Show has been postponed but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on your annual shopping trip!

You can still ensure your caravan or motorhome is safe and secure by buying your Bulldog products online or from your nearest stockist.

The loss of this year's show is a blow. It's one of the major events on the motorhome and caravan calendar each year and something the many thousands of visitors and exhibitors look forward to with great anticipation - including us!

But the news that it won't go ahead has come as no great surprise in the present circumstances where we all need to ensure that we do everything possible to remain Covid safe and the show will return again next year from October 12th to 17th.

Taking stock of your security

Motorhome and caravan owners may have missed out on viewing the latest products available in person but the loss of this year's show is an ideal time for people to review their security. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

● The steering wheel lock is still one of the simplest but most effective ways of preventing your motorhome from being stolen. It is a visible theft deterrent and may just be enough to persuade a thief to move on to an easier target.

● A wheel clamp is easy to fit and makes it impossible for your motorhome or caravan to be driven away - whether on a campsite or outside your home. While we are on the subject of wheels, use our tough wheel lock bolts for additional security.

● Installing a security post on your driveway provides added protection and is another simple security measure which is easy to fit.

● One of the best ways to protect your property is to install the Bulldog Secure Alarm - our very own exclusive product and one which has proved extremely popular for toughening up security in the home, but is equally effective for motorhomes and caravans.

● Get it tracked! We have a range of GPS tracker options for all types of caravans and motorhomes. Fit a second tracker in case the first one is discovered and make sure your tracker registration details are up to date. This will aid in recovery if you are the victim of theft.

● Tried and tested, our hitchlock has been preventing theft for many years, preventing your caravan from being unhooked and towed away, and remains as popular and robust as ever.

● CCTV and security lighting are other highly effective ways to ensure your property stays safe, which also includes your motorhome or caravan if it's parked up outside your home.

It's amazing just how many measures you can put in place to ensure your caravan and motorhome remain secure. Simple measures to install which don't need to cost a fortune. Indeed, they are extremely cost-effective when you consider how much you have paid for your pride and joy!

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Business booms with staycations for half-term

Date: 19/10/2020

Times are very different in UK factories right now but especially in small, rural, factories such as ours here in Shropshire. The manufacturing continues however against the ongoing backdrop of Covid and orders are coming in thick and fast as caravan and motorhome sales continue to boom all over the country.

Staycations are here to stay by the looks of it, half-term bookings across the UK are high and some families have told us they are struggling to get booked onto sites for the popular week when children are off school.

It is also the case that with areas of the country in local lockdown some have had their holidays cancelled in popular resorts such as those in Wales following the announcement of the Welsh circuit breaker, resulting in so many businesses closing their doors once again.

Staying Bulldog secure

As those families who are still able to hit the road prepare to enjoy a Covid safe break within the guidelines, we are working hard to ensure their pride and joy - caravans and motorhomes - are safe.

Whether they are in storage for winter, on the driveways being packed or on site whilst you enjoy the great outdoors - they need to be Bulldog secure. Caravans and motorhomes are high value targets for thieves so make sure you do everything you can to hold on to your prized possession.

If you are preparing to travel:

● Have an additional GPS tracker fitted. Newer caravans will have a factory fitted tracker but it's good insurance to have a second in case of discovery.

● Carry a steering wheel lock for added protection of your towing vehicle or motorhome.

● Make sure you fit a wheel clamp when on site, on the driveway at home or if your caravan is in winter storage.

● Fit a hitchlock - the secure link between caravan and towing vehicle making it more difficult for thieves to make off with your caravan.

● Get wheel lock bolts fitted for additional security.

● Have the Bulldog Secure Alarm fitted - the latest and ultimate deterrent in home security is equally effective in your caravan or motorhome.

● Stay alert while loading and unloading your caravan or motorhome on the driveway or road outside your home. Leaving the vehicle unattended for even the shortest time can lead to the theft of valuable possessions packed for your holiday or the vehicle itself.

If you are not going away again this year and parking up your caravan on the driveway for any length of time, think about having security lighting installed, security posts fitted to prevent theft and chains and locks added to toughen up your security.

The same advice applies if you are putting your caravan into storage for the winter but you have the option of additional precautions in the form of shed and workshop door locks and garage and roller shutter door locks.

Whether you are heading off for a well-earned break this half-term or having to put things on hold for now and store your pride and joy, always stay alert to the threat of theft and do everything you can to minimise the risk.

If you are lucky enough to be going away, enjoy your holiday and stay safe!



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