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Back to the 80's with Bulldog ...

Date: 27/06/2018

Back to the 80s steering wheel lock.png












Ah, the good old days! We are all guilty of reminiscing and longing for years past. The older we get the more we yearn for what has gone, never to return. Or will it?

Some things are destined to stay with us, make a regular return through a new audience and can even become re-invented. Fashions, music, TV shows, films, toys and . . . the steering wheel lock (of course!).

Take the 1980s, for example. Care Bears, the Rubik's Cube and Action Man were all selling well while a new fledgling security company was taking its first tentative steps in humble surroundings in Bridgnorth.

That company has grown into a global player now and lives eight miles up the road in Much Wenlock, but Bulldog Security Products is still very much committed to keeping people and property safe by producing top-quality reliable security devices.

Sometimes simplicity is best and less, as they say, is more. Our steering wheel lock falls into that category. It isn't complex, difficult to fit or hard to understand - it just works and is just as much an effective low-cost deterrent today as it was when we first launched back in 1984 (34 years ago, how time flies!).

We produce two locks here at Bulldog, the BW550 which fits most makes of cars and the BW600, Department of Transport approved, for motorhomes, vans and HGVs.

So, what became of Care Bears, Action Man and the Rubik's Cube?

They have all enjoyed a pretty good life, actually.

Care Bears were created in 1981 with the thought of them being used on greetings cards but the characters went on to appear as toys, in TV shows and on film.

They were so popular they relaunched in 1991, 2002, 2007 and 2012, with the range moving forward again two years ago with Care Bears and Cousins.

Action Man actually started life in the mid 1960s and is now over 50 years old. He has had some ups and downs over the years but has recently enjoyed some high profile coverage by starring in the MoneySuperMarket TV ad campaign

The Rubik's Cube hit the global stage in 1980 and sold more than 100 million worldwide in the next two years. It is now estimated to have sold more than 400 million and one in seven people have tried to unravel its secrets.

And our humble steerling lock?

As for the steering wheel lock, it is still selling very well. It is a high-visibility presence in the vehicle which often makes the thief give up and look for an easier target.

We think we may be still talking about our steering wheel lock in another 30 years!


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New partnership with Witter Towbars announced!

Date: 25/06/2018

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Today we are delighted to tell you about a new partnership deal which sees us joining forces with Witter Towbars - another internationally renowned company that's committed, like ourselves, to great customer service.

The deal means we will be supplying Witter with our Bulldog One tracker which they will then fit to vehicles at the same time as they are fitting towbars at one of their approved fitting centres. It also means a higher degree of security for more vehicles on the road.

We are extremely proud of our trackers and the massive impact they are having on a daily basis. Trackers are becoming more and more important, enabling owners to keep tabs on where their vehicle is at any time and making it easier and quicker to track and recover.

Witter Towbars have a proven track record dating back 60 years of fitting towbars to all types of vehicle from those needing to tow a simple trailer right up to the heavy vehicles like substantial caravans and horseboxes.

The company is a major player on the national and international stage and it makes perfect sense for our two companies to band together in this way enabling the two fittings to be done at one time.

Andy Royles, of Witter Towbars, said: "We have a very strong brand in terms of towbars and it is our objective to introduce new products, so it is important to us to work with other strong brands, hence, our partnership with Bulldog.

"Part of our UK strategy is built around developing an e-commerce strategy where the consumer can purchase a product direct from our website and it can be fitted at one of our approved installers.

"The bulldog tracker is a product that fits in with our new portfolio of products and the backup support and the product provided by Bulldog makes them an ideal partner for our requirements. As we develop and enhance our e-comm strategy it is hoped we can increase the range of Bulldog products we offer."

For more information about Witter Towbars, visit https://www.witter-towbars.co.uk


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Are you ready for CamperJam?

Date: 25/06/2018

camperjam.jpgImage courtesy of CamperJam


Are you off to Camperjam this year?


The family-friendly festival for owners (or fans/potential owners) of VW Buses runs from July 6th to 8th and is sure to be packed full of fun.

The event includes a back to the 80s theme on the Friday, a superhero theme on the Saturday, lots of music, a food village and children's activities.

And the great news is it's at Weston Park, less than 20 miles away from our headquarters in Much Wenlock.

So why not pop along to Bulldog Security on your way down on the Friday? We're open from 9am to 4pm so there's plenty of time to make sure your van is fitted with the best security products on the market.

The sun must have gone to our head as we are offering all of you lovely VW fans free tracker fitting of a BD1 at our site here in Much Wenlock between now and July 8th 2018

All you've got to do is quote ref: Camper Jam18 when you book.

Whether you've got a VW, T4, T5, T6 or any other type of campervan - we're here to ensure your pride and joy stays safe and sound, both when you're showing it off at events and when you're at home this summer.

For example, there's our BulldogOne tracker - an innovative product which allows you to immobilise your campervan (or any other vehicle you fit it to) within seconds using your smartphone. You can also use the One to view live tracker locations and set alerts and alarms, so it gives you total peace of mind.

Our range of trackers means there's something to suit every vehicle and every customer so whether it's battery life, geofence alerts or quick installation that's your top priority, it's worth having a browse through our specialist tracking solutions website and talking to our knowledgeable team on site.

And it's not just trackers, have you thought about using wheel clamps or steering wheel locks to further secure your campervan?

Do stop by - or give us a call if you're not local or heading this way for Camperjam!

Wherever you're going this summer, stop thieves in their tracks with the latest Bulldog technology. Once it's installed, you can relax and enjoy all you have planned.

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Calling all VW Campervan Owners!

Date: 16/05/2018

VW Campervan security

It's that wonderful time of year again, the January blues are far behind us, the light nights are here and we can actually start thinking about driving for the sheer fun of it again.

Now is the time to remove those dust sheets, triumphantly throw open the garage door and get your pride and joy back out onto the open road!

Yes, we are talking to you, VW owners - what is yours .... a T4, T5, T6 or perhaps a Caravelle?

Or maybe you're thinking of taking the plunge and buying your very own four wheeled VW treasure to join the VW club? Whatever the circumstance, it's the perfect opportunity for that beach trip with the family, or that scenic excursion to the mountains you've been planning for months.

You may have spotted our tracker advert in the VW Bus T4&T5+ magazine - the phones have been a little hot since and our installation team have been busy at our head office here in Shropshire. If you can't travel to our beautiful town of Much Wenlock then don't worry as we can post it out to you and ensure you have step by step support during the fitting and registering process.

Are you confident that your prized possession (we truly understand the love VW owners have for their vehicles!) will beat the thieves?

Take a look at our Bulldog One tracker or maybe you want one to quickly move from vehicle to vehicle and just "plug and play", in which case our TR68 is an ideal option.

Pairing our trackers with your smartphone so that you have 24/7 knowledge of the exact location of your vehicle - and be the first to be alerted if it makes any moves it shouldn't!

But we also know how retro is back!

Fashion, music or furniture, more and more people are turning to the 80s for their inspiration. And when it comes to security, it's no different, so remember there's still a place for the Bulldog Steering Wheel Lock.

2017 saw a huge rise in the amount of steering wheel locks sold as the the public now want the dependable convenience of an obvious, visual security system. They may not be the season's hottest accessory, but sometimes it's the old faithful that keeps coming out a winner.

Call us today on 01952 728171 or email sales@ bulldogsecure.com for any help and advice to find the right product for you and vehicle.

Happy travels!


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How tough is your Shed Security?

Date: 03/05/2018

May - Bulldog - Shed info.png

How secure do you think your shed is?

Not very, we would guess. Shed raids are on the increase and that is why we feel we must alert you to the problem.

We know you've probably already read about sheds being broken into but sometimes hearing about it once just doesn't make you act.

Here at Bulldog Security Products we are urging people to toughen things up, and we have seen a rise in the number of people asking for help in upgrading basic security in a bid to combat thieves who are hitting these ‘soft option targets'.

It is a sad fact that shed security does not figure very highly on the list of priorities and is being overlooked as a potential target - despite housing many valuable items - the total can run into tens of thousands of pounds!

Mountain bikes (often 4, 5 or 6!), lawn mowers, sports equipment, motorbikes, children's play equipment - the list goes on. We know those sheds are really an Aladdin's Cave.

So now we want to help - take some time and think about just how difficult it is for the thief to break-in.

Sheds are instantly vulnerable by being outside, away from the house and garage and are usually given only the most cursory of thoughts as regards security with maybe a simple lock or bolt keeping a flimsy door shut.

Neither of these options are going to keep the thief at bay for very long and once inside there is a haul of costly equipment waiting to be carted away.

Our top tips:

1. When it comes to locating your shed in the garden, be mindful of where you intend putting it. Make sure it is not too close to any boundary fence or hedge, making it a tempting target for the thief well within reach.
2. Make sure it is within sight of the main house so you can keep tabs on it. Consider security lighting and alarming your shed, but if you don't go that far then make sure it is secured with a strong padlock and replace hinge screws with nuts and bolts.
3. When you're installing it, ensure the shed is securely anchored to the ground and can't be lifted up at the side or corner to gain access.
4. Fasten large and bulky items together so it is difficult to carry them off and if you have a secure shed, make sure you use it. Put all your equipment away under lock and key and don't leave things lying around the garden.

There are more tips below in our inforgraphic!

May - bulldog - shed safety infographic.png

How can we help give you peace of mind?

There are a number of security options available depending on the type of shed you have. Heavy duty chains, security posts, high security locks, roller shutters, lighting and alarms.

Bulldog Security Products has many years experience in helping and advising on every kind of security issue.

Our team is ready to take your call and help you make things more difficult for the thief.

Give us a call on 01952 728171.


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Ensure your new caravan has added secuity

Date: 27/04/2018


Warmer weather and lighter nights are just about here which means we are all feeling more positive about finally coming through those long winter days. Thoughts are turning to holidays, the seaside, trips away and summer.

Yes, it's time to get the caravan out of storage and ready to hit the road for another season which will take you to, well, who knows where. But while you're giving the caravan a spring clean give security a thought.

Have you done everything you can to ensure your pride and joy is safe from thieves?

It's not just older caravans that need consideration, brand new caravans straight off the production line have some security measures installed. But here at Bulldog Security Products we would like to remind you about adding your own extras to make life even more difficult for thieves.

Many of you will have bought new caravans at February's big show and many more will be collecting their new touring caravans and motorhomes after ordering them at the October Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show.

We estimate there will be tens of thousands of new caravans on the road this year and if you are one of those buyers you might be forgiven for thinking factory-fitted device security is top notch. Well, it's good as far as it goes but it could be much better. So as those long summer days approach, we urge you to take a moment and consider some extras.

Motorhomes and caravans are very expensive, extremely desirable top-quality luxurious items that are easy to sell on and an increasing target for thieves. Caravans can be parked up for long periods and left unattended. This is where they are at their most vulnerable.

Caravans are fitted with GPS trackers when they come out of the factory but these trackers can often be easily located by the thief and disabled. By fitting an extra device, one the thief probably isn't going to find, you are increasing your chances of hanging on to your caravan.

How can we help you?

Bulldog has a range of GPS trackers, like the BulldogOne which alerts you via your smartphone if it detects movement. It also allows you to know the location of your caravan at all times and comes with an engine cut-out device to prevent it being driven away, so is an ideal option for motorhomes too.

Bulldog tracker - social image - Jan.png

A factory-fitted hitch head has a stabiliser included but we are still seeing hundreds of caravans each year snaking and tipping.

The Bulldog hitchlock resists some of the most determined theft attemps and the Bulldog stabiliser makes for a much safer driving experience, installing driving confidence and reducing the risk of snaking and accidents.

Other Bulldog extras to be considered are our security post which forms a physical obstruction to a vehicle being driven or towed away, and other simple anti-theft devices like wheel locking bolts and our wheel clamps 

The road ahead is clear, make sure you hang on to your caravan by adding as many security deterrents as possible. It makes sense when you consider what you have invested in it and that you want to make the most of it for this summer and many summers to come - that will be extremely difficult if it is stolen.


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High tech thefts on the rise - are you protected?

Date: 03/04/2018

Bulldog blog high tech thefts Apr 18.png













What could you do in 60 seconds? Make a cup of tea? Put on a pair of shoes? Or how about steal a car?


That’s all the time it can take nowadays for thieves to steal a car using the latest technology. 


With more cars having keyless locking mechanisms it’s getting easier and easier for a thief to drive off with your car - without ever needing a key.


We are living in a highly technological world and it’s a sad irony that as systems get more and more advanced so does the ingenuity of the thief. 


Our heating, lights and kettle can be switched on and off by a simple touch from a smartphone, we can see who is knocking on the front door even if we are not at home and we can keep an eye on what the dog is doing in the house while we are at work.


It’s all amazing stuff but doesn’t necessarily help us when it comes to keeping our vehicle safe.


All it takes is a team of just two people and a clever gadget called a relay box. When one is standing near the front of the house with the box, the relay system can pick up the frequency from the keyless entry fob. 


With most of us leaving keys by the front door for ease of access in the morning work rush, it takes no time at all for the relay box to pick up the information it needs. 


The box then replicates the signal making the car believe that the fob is nearby. All the thieves need to do then is open the car and drive away. 


With the amount of cars being stolen rising by 30% in 2017 it’s obvious that this is a growing problem, particularly in the technological age we are all living in.


So how can you prevent this from happening? Well one of the answers is to fight the high tech with the old school, using something like a steering wheel lock

Steering Wheel Lock.jpg


Something as simple as a wheel lock can often deter thieves as it adds an obstacle to an otherwise smooth crime.


Other options include a wheel clamp that can be easily fitted, and is an obvious inconvenience to thieves wanting a quick and easy theft.











We also have security posts which prevent the thief from driving away with your prized possession.

sec post.jpg









The other factor to consider in all this is the deterrent value. These high-visibility anti-theft devices are clearly visible - so it just might be that the thief will give up before he starts and moves on to an easier target. 


Here at Bulldog Security Products we have a range of measures designed to keep your vehicle safe.


For more advice on what might be best for your requirements give our friendly team a call on 01952 728171.

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5 Easy Tips to get your Caravan road-ready

Date: 03/04/2018

Are you finally dusting off the caravan this year? Then take a look at these 5 quick tips for ensuring your caravan is ready for the road!

Infographic bulldog Apr 18 - 5 top tips to caravan road ready.png

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5 Top Tips to keep your Motorbike safe

Date: 16/03/2018

How secure do you keep your motorbike? Here are our top tips to make sure your bike is secure.

5 top tips to keep your motorbike secure

5 top tips to keep your motorbike secure

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