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Securing Your Best With The Best

Date: 01/04/2019

When it comes to safeguarding your property and comparing the pros and cons of the many products on the market, it's wise to go with a tried and trusted name - so make sure you secure the best!

There is little point in going to the trouble of deciding you need to do something, weigh up all the options available and then go for a product that is sub-standard, a cheap alternative that's only success will be in giving the thief a chuckle as he makes off with your treasured vehicle, property, possessions.

Quality is probably going to cost a bit more but isn't that worth it when it comes with the reassurance of being able to deter the thief, avoiding the inconvenience and heartbreak that all too often accompanies a crime.

We would always advocate buying quality products, something with good performance ratings sold by reputable companies - anything less has to be false economy.

Our products are made with the strongest materials to the toughest specifications with their design and manufacture perfected by our vastly experienced team over 35 years in the industry - we've just celebrated our 35th anniversary!

We are proud of our record which sees us regularly partner the police, businesses and other agencies in trying to prevent crime through simple, easy to install products that make life just that bit harder for the criminal.

Bulldog is a member of Secured by Design, an official UK police security initiative with the goal of designing out crime through physical security.

It is made up of a group of companies with a proven track record in producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police. Products marketed by member companies must display an effectiveness in reducing or preventing crime.

Secured by Design official figures show developments where products and materials used meet these high standards are 75% less likely to be burgled and show a reduction of 25% in criminal damage.

They also reveal that the Association of British Insurers has estimated the introduction of these standards across the country would save the economy more than £3.2bn over a 20-year period.

Preventing crime is an uphill battle but Bulldog is one of a number of companies across the country committed to doing all we can to reduce the threat by producing high quality products that will be a deterrent to the criminal.

So whether it's home and building, vehicle, equestrian, cargo, plant equipment or personal security you are looking at, give our team a call on 01952 728171 and find out how we can help you.

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Don't be the next victim of carjacking - get tracked

Date: 26/02/2019

Carjacking is an increasing problem and while it's more prevalent in the cities it is something that can happen anytime, anywhere - so get your vehicle tracked.

While we don't want to scare people unnecessarily, we feel it is also important to warn you of the dangers that can be faced when your vehicle is taken. It's bad enough when your car is stolen but it is even more traumatic and distressing if you or someone else is in it at the time!

Car crime in general is on the increase with vehicles easy targets and bringing easy money to thieves and those involved with selling them on after the initial theft. Did you know West Midlands Police made nearly 600 arrests in a matter of weeks during a car crime crackdown late last year?

There were five carjackings reported in Birmingham in one week alone in October and the 590 arrests in the West Midlands before Christmas followed a concerted campaign by police following what the crime commissioner called an epidemic.

But it's not just about the car. Think what's inside, children, valuables, work laptops, important documents and other equipment.

A car was stolen in Bradford in early January with a four-year-old child inside and there have been other similar instances around the country over the past year, including in Birmingham last July when a four-week-old baby was taken in a carjacking. One can only imagine the devastating effect this has on the families of those children involved.

Vehicles are often stolen to order with either the whole car or its individual parts ending up being shipped abroad - Eastern Europe and North Africa are favoured destinations.

More people are viewing trackers as a vital must-have for their vehicle and they do so much more than simply track. The BulldogOne is a case in point, a simple device with anti-theft features which alerts you to unauthorised use and allows you to remotely cut the engine within seconds from a smartphone app.

You can also track other items you might normally carry around in your car and think about installing a sturdy, security box for putting valuables, papers and so on in as an extra safeguard against theft.

We would always advise not to leave valuable items in the car when it is unattended and don't leave your car with the engine running - something people still do when popping into the shop, dropping items off or picking them up or de-icing the car during winter weather.

It only takes a minute to be caught with your guard down and someone to make off with your car. Be alert at all times, aware of your surroundings and take simple steps to ensure security and safety.


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TR35 Tracker Vs Factory Fitted

Date: 07/02/2019

One of the things we are most asked is "Why do I need an additional GPS tracker if I already have one fitted?" Good question, let us explain.

Bulldog provides a range of GPS trackers and each comes with a high quality assurance that it is tough, durable and reliable, whatever the circumstances may be for fitting it. Take our TR35, for example. A tried and tested device which does exactly what it says on the tin!

It is one of the toughest trackers on the market and with a battery life giving up to four years stand-by time from just one charge, it pretty much looks after itself.

Trackers are fitted on a range of vehicles now before they hit the street and while this should obviously be applauded, we would still recommend a second, more comprehensive, device be added for added security and increased peace of mind.

Factory-fitted trackers are fixed while our sturdy TR35 is magnetic and can be fitted anywhere out of sight. This helps to thwart the thieves who know what they are looking to remove and where from and also gives that safety in numbers feel - if the factory tracker is located the thief may not think about looking for a second one!

We are immensely proud of our TR35, it's proved very popular with customers and been hugely successful. Our team at Bulldog have taken loads of positive feedback from individuals and companies who have fitted it and we are constantly monitoring the equipment, upgrading and improving when necessary.

So, what does the TR35 do? Here are seven benefits we think you will find interesting:

● It is easily attached to any metal by two high-powered magnets, manufactured from ABS and is IP66 rated for use in the harshest conditions.

● The TR35 is intelligent, it's sensors will detect and inform you of any vibration or movement - helping you to prevent a theft while it's in the process of happening. It will also alert you if the magnets have been removed.

● The TR35 comes to you as a complete package - it's all there, you don't need to buy any ‘additional extras' to get you up and running.

● It can be used on all kinds of vehicles, including caravans, motorhomes, farming and plant equipment, cargo containers, vans and lorries.

● The TR35 will let you track and report from a range of information including speed, travel time, geofencing and mileage.

● A Smartphone app or tracking portal lets you track in real time so you know where your property is at all times and will also alert you to any movement outside a pre-defined area.

For more information about how a GPS tracker can help you, telephone our team on 01952 728171


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Plant equipment and trailers are tempting targets

Date: 24/01/2019

Thefts of plant equipment and trailers are reaching staggering proportions with many thieves viewing these costly items as low-risk, high-gain ventures.

By the very nature of their use these items are generally left unattended overnight and in the most lonely of rural locations - making them really tempting targets.

It's costing the UK construction industry about £800m each year, with some £100m of that figure directly attributable to theft and vandalism and the remainder the cost incurred through hire of replacement equipment, the cost of buying new, increased insurance costs and the resulting loss in business.

Thieves will take just about anything but are particularly keen on excavators, dumper trucks, forklift trucks, compressors, scaffolding and anything else with a high metal value. They have even been known to steal cranes!

When you factor in the more general agricultural stuff that goes missing like trailers, tractors and quad bikes, then the vulnerability of these types of items and the high cost involved to those who own them goes through the roof.

There was a case shortly before Christmas of a trailer containing £30,000 worth of furniture and £5,000 of steel rope being stolen just across the Shropshire border in Stone. A lorry tractor unit was driven to an isolated farm, the trailer was hooked up and driven away a short time later.

And last September plant equipment worth £80,000, including a three tonne digger and two large metal trailers were taken in a raid in Nottinghamshire.

We know these types of theft are more appealing to the criminal because equipment can be poorly secured and targeted during the hours of darkness when there is less likelihood of anyone being about. But it doesn't always follow!

Allied to trailer thefts are thefts of cargo, where lorries and trailers are targeted for what's on board. The latest available figures show quarter two last year saw an estimated £14m worth of cargo thefts in the UK - up £1m on quarter one.

There are measures you can take to secure your plant equipment and trailers, including security marking your property, employing an extensive range of strong locks, security posts and ground anchors. Fit an alarm and tracker and paint your postcode on the roof when possible so your property can be easily spotted from the air.

Make sure you immobilise vehicles whenever you can, don't leave keys in the ignition and if you can't lock items away then at least ensure they are left blocked-in somehow making it difficult for them to be driven, loaded or towed away.

For advice on how Bulldog can help keep your plant equipment and trailers safe, call our friendly team on 01952 728171.

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TR99 tracker in the spotlight

Date: 23/01/2019

The recent unusual amount of snowfall over different parts of Europe has resulted in a number of deaths and massive disruption. While those kinds of conditions are not the norm, it's important to bear safety in mind if you are one of the many thousands of people who take to the slopes on skiing holidays each year.

Skiing can be pretty hazardous at the best of times and there is always a code to follow with safety measures in place to ensure you not only enjoy the experience but come through it unscathed.

One of the simple things you can do, which will give you and your loved ones reassurance while you're out on the piste, is to carry a personal tracker - a small but effective device which will monitor and relay your location at all times and issue an alert if you have an accident.

The Bulldog TR99 is the tracker of choice for many sporty people because it's so tough and enduring in the most difficult of conditions. It is particularly useful and a vital piece of equipment for skiers because it might just save your life!

It can be easy to get lost, take the wrong route, simply find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time as severe weather closes in or take a heavy fall. The TR99 will cut down the response time of any rescue team as it continues to send out your location.

The TR99 is shockproof, waterproof, is something you can put in your pocket and be safe in the knowledge that your location can be shared in real time via a high quality tracking service.

We like to think of it as a safety buddy with an SOS phone alert installed and should you be unlucky enough to be caught out by the conditions or have an accident it will call preset numbers, highlight full GPS coordinates and allow help to home in on your position.

It has a battery life of up to 400 hours, can be recharged through an optional wireless charging pad or standard USB lead and has three modes of communication - via smartphone app or the internet. The tracker can make and receive calls, issue automatic SOS alerts and SMS notifications and has an integrated Google Map link.

The TR99 doesn't have a restriction on the number of people who can access the information, meaning as many as is thought necessary can receive alerts and notifications.

It has the added advantage of a mutli network roaming SIM that works across 66 countries which means the tracker will stay online and keep you safe wherever you happen to be on the continent - making the TR99 an essential part of your holiday luggage.

But remember - we have hundreds of Bulldog tracker fans around the globe whether they be walkers, cyclists, lone workers - so be tracked for your own safety!


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Tis the season to be jolly... and security minded!

Date: 28/11/2018

Here at Bulldog Security Products we are always looking to raise awareness about security and offer advice on the various options we have to help keep you and your property safe. Christmas is a great time of year for most of us but did you know the festive season sees a spike in crime?

We are thinking about security for 12 months of the year but as we approach the festive season we thought you might like to give it some thought too.

A New Year usually means new resolutions - some of which are easier to keep than others - but few can be as important as resolving to toughen up your security and avoid the misery of being a victim of crime.

With this in mind, we have come up with five things you might consider when making those pledges for 2019. So decide on a New Year resolution to:

● Get security lighting installed - a simple alert to potential criminal activity which can be easily fitted and a perfect way to put those unwanted visitors in the spotlight by illuminating drives, paths and gardens.

● Secure your valuables in a portable storage case - an ideal way to keep documents, cameras, mobile devices, tools and equipment safely under lock and key in your car, lorry, van, caravan or motorhome. It is also something that will serve you well in the home or office and is secured by wrapping a cable lock around a fixed object.

● Use a tracker - trackers have made an amazing difference in the ability to keep tabs on property and aid in its recovery if stolen. Trackers can be used on anything - vehicles, containers, skips. . .even people! They are easy to fit, difficult to detect and a simple cost-effective way of protecting your possessions.

● Fit a steering wheel lock - still probably the easiest and most effective way of ensuring your car isn't stolen. We have been producing the steering wheel lock for many years and it remains one of our best sellers, suiting most cars - even those with bulbous airbags.

● Choose high security locks - we have locks suitable for a variety of doors and gates. They are tough, reliable and often act as a criminal deterrent as the thief seeing the Bulldog brand will often give up and look for an easier target. Exterior locks are usually the first line of defence so make sure you fit the toughest and most dependable.

It can be very difficult keeping New Year resolutions but we hope you'll agree that the ones we have suggested are well worth the effort. Our staff at Bulldog Security Products would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and secure New Year.

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Spares, support and advice- it's all here

Date: 02/11/2018

We are proud of our reputation as a global leader in providing quality products, making us highly regarded and the go-to company when the issue of security arises - but did you know we also provide an extensive programme of spares and support?

Our interest in our client doesn't begin and end with the sale and delivery of our products. We have nearly 35 years experience behind us as a company, the majority of our staff have been with us for the long-term and built up an unrivalled knowledge which we are more than happy to share with you.

There is always a need for security and while things change, the fundamental message is the same today as it was when we started back in 1984 - take the simple steps to ensure your property and your family are safe.

It all starts with an enquiry about our products, some customers know what they want while others seek advice on what best suits their particular needs.

We are able to draw on that vast experience by advising on what is likely to work best and how individuals, businesses and other organisations can tighten up security at home, the office, on the farm and with their vehicles. Remember, whatever it is you've got, there is always something you can do to secure it!

Our products are always manufactured to the highests specifications and with the toughest of materials to ensure strength, longevity, security and peace of mind.

Continuous use and general wear and tear of moving parts can lead to the need for some of these parts being replaced while the essence and integrity of the product remains intact.

Bulldog has a wide range of spares for wheel clamps, security posts, stabilisers, hitchlocks and lock bolts that will keep you operating at optimum security efficiency. Having chosen Bulldog, you will also be reassured to know we have an in-depth support service where you can contact us through our website or via the telephone and get the help you need instantly. This service is particularly helpful with the setting up and running of our many tracking devices - a tremendous asset to the world of security in the 21st Century. We also provide a service in supplying a spare or replacement key to your Bulldog product.

We know how easy it can be to mislay keys and we take a lot of calls from customers asking about replacements - rest assured, it's not a problem, and we can offer a quick and efficient service in replacing your lost keys.

We are always keen to receive feedback from customers as this helps us to keep our products and service in the premier league of security companies. When you choose Bulldog you know you have the best and that we are there with you for the journey.

For advice on any of our products, phone our team on 01952 728171.

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Van & HGV Security

Date: 02/11/2018

This month we take a look at our top six products you might like to consider for your van, HGV or trailer:

- Airline Lock- prevents the brakes being released.
- King Pin Lock- prevents the coupling of a trailer.
- Van Door Lock - ideal for rear doors or sliding doors on your van.
- Wheel Clamps - a range of models available to suit most types of vehicle.
- Container/ Trailer Locks- great for shipping containers and trailer doors.
- Tracker - track your fleet 24/7 and know the whereabouts of your lorry trailer.

Check out what we have to offer at https://www.bulldogsecure.com/browse/bulldog-vans-hgv-security/16

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Is Your Sports Club Safe?

Date: 10/10/2018

Sport is possibly the most popular activity outside of working hours and there are many clubs across a wide variety of sports in Shropshire. Most of these clubs are run by groups of volunteers who do it for the love of their sport and to keep their team or teams going.

They will all have a home venue with facilities ranging from very little to those associated with a semi-professional or even professional standard of club. They have equipment, in many cases quite costly, that needs to be safeguarded and some will have club rooms with bars and the capability of providing food for members and guests.

People work hard to ensure the survival of their clubs which provide the chance to take part in your favourite sport and to engage in the various social activities connected with it. What you definitely don't need is an attack from thieves or vandals.

Our team at Bulldog Security Products have worked with many clubs around the county and beyond to help lessen the threat of this kind of attack which can have such a devastating effect on the finances and day-to-day running of the club.

Clubs are usually left unattended overnight and the stored equipment, fixtures and fittings and stock make for a very tempting target - particularly as we are now heading into winter and prolonged hours of darkness.

Only recently the football and cricket clubs in Ludlow were targeted in raids which caused extensive damage to property and resulted in the theft of several charity boxes. And it's not just sports clubs that are affected, there was a case earlier in the summer about several thousands of pounds worth of cycles being stolen from a shop in Bridgnorth.

There are many other examples nationally of sports clubs having to come to terms with damage and theft that can easily threaten their very existence, so we would urge anyone connected with sports clubs to review their security and take steps to upgrade wherever possible.

It doesn't matter how good your security arrangements are we always believe there is always something else you can do.

Wrekin Riders BMX club at Dawley is a classic case of being more proactive with security. They were targeted twice in a little over one year and called us in to help tighten up their security. We were able to advise and supply container and gate locks which are simple but effective measures to help keep the thieves at bay.

Sadly they were targeted again recently but the containers with the Bulldog locks were left alone and they didn't even entertain the gate lock.

Our members of staff can visit your site to see where you need security and avise what products are best for you.

We supply an extensive range of door locks, security posts, anti-ram barriers, security lighting, bike locks, roller shutters and security chains - so if you are feeling a little uneasy about the security arrangements at your club, give us a call for advice on 01952 728171 or email sales@bulldogsecure.com


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