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Don't fall victim to Christmas thieves - stay secure with Bulldog Security Products

Date: 18/11/2021

We've said it before and we'll say it again! Don't be a victim of Christmas-time thieves!

It has to be THE MOST VULNERABLE TIME OF THE YEAR in terms of theft with everyone buying presents and ferrying them about before hoarding them on the lead up to the big day at homes which are often insecure - making them prime targets for the criminal.

Keep your guard up and stay on the alert

It's easy to forget just how much you have invested in Christmas presents, not to mention all the other things in your home which are valuable to you and your family in terms of both cost and emotional attachment. Things you cherish which can be gone in an instant if you drop your guard and relax your security mindset for even the shortest periods of time.

There are basic precautions you can take with respect to crime prevention - particularly at this festive time but the principals apply to any time of the year:

● Don't leave deliveries on your doorstep for all to see.
● Don't advertise your Christmas shopping on social media.
● Don't let slip the all-important information about when you won't be at home.
● Don't leave your sheds, garages and porches insecure.

A time for giving

Christmas is a wonderful time and while you are thinking about what gifts you are planning to give family and friends, it's worth taking a moment to also CONSIDER THE VALUE OF SPENDING A LITTLE MONEY ON YOUR HOME SECURITY.

We have some of the toughest products on the market, manufactured to the highest quality and items which just might make thieves think twice about targeting your property. They include:

The Bulldog Secure Alarm - The ultimate deterrent in home security and one of the very best products on the market. It has a variety of features, all painstakingly designed to keep your home and family safe and secure. It has the additional benefit of being an alarm you can fit yourself in under an hour.

Security lighting - A great way of letting you know when someone's about and still strikes fear of discovery into the hearts of criminals.

Garage and roller shutter door locks - The ideal option for keeping your garage or roller shutter doors locked, preventing access.

Chains - Our comprehensive range of chains can be anchored to the floor or walls, easily securing your property and preventing theft. This simple but effective product is also ideal for securing gates.

Workshop and shed door locks - A valuable contribution to your security arrangements when it comes to gates, double doors, sliding doors and storage containers.

Security posts - Can be installed quickly and easily in front of a parked vehicle or garage and shed doors to prevent valuable equipment being stolen.

Fuel tank lock - A simple device to thwart heating oil theft.

GPS Tracking - A range of tracking options which will not only protect your home, vehicles and other property, but also vulnerable family members.



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Maintenance of your Bulldog products is vital and now is the time to do it

Date: 20/10/2021

Our products are leading the field in the security industry - they are designed by our experts to be the toughest criminal deterrent possible and manufactured to the highest specifications with the most robust materials which are designed to last.

It's a reputation we are proud of and one which has been built up over many years of experience. We have a comprehensive range of security products and while their quality is second-to-none, certain checks and maintenance need to be carried out periodically to ensure they remain operating at peak efficiency.

Moving parts bring wear and tear and will ultimately result in a product not functioning as it should or breaking down which is why NOW would be a good time to check your Bulldog device and see that it's in tip-top condition.

We have the answer

Needless to say, our involvement with you doesn't end with the sale of one of our products and we can provide the answer to any maintenance issues that may arise with an extensive range of spares. These include spare parts for your:

Hitchlock - including dummy ring plates for minilocks, bolt caps, a false ball to be used with the WW100B minilock and a recessed cup for use with the SA1 and SA1C Bulldog lock bolt.

Wheel clamps - including lock bolts, adjustment screws, rubber discs for Titan and Centaur Wheel Clamps, fasteners, steel discs, spanner and cover plate.

Security posts - including ground lock tube, post socket and socket cover plate.

Lock bolts - including red and black dust caps, super and commercial lock bolts.

Stabiliser - including angle brackets and accessories, car brackets, locking studs for car brackets, miscellaneous stabiliser parts and replacement friction discs.

The key to every problem

We are also able to provide you with replacement or additional keys for your Bulldog products - all you will need when ordering the key is the number stamped on the key and delivery time takes between 10 and 14 working days.

We know only too well how easy it is to put off making checks on equipment and carrying out basic maintenance, but it really is important and will ensure your Bulldog product continues to do what it's supposed to - protecting you, your family and your property. Why not do it now, while you think about it?

Bulldog (4).png

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Clocks change and darker nights - time to step up your home, shed and garage security!

Date: 20/09/2021

It doesn't seem that long since we were talking about the clocks changing in March, does it? But here we are looking at the onset of autumn, the clocks going back and darker nights which are such an ally to thieves.

The clocks will be changing at the end of October and that's our cue to remind you about your home security and steps you can take to ensure your family and possessions remain safe from the unwanted attention of criminals.

A good time to act

There are a number of things you can do to enhance your security at home, but don't forget the garage and shed - all tempting targets containing valuable items which need to be protected.

As always, the team at Bulldog is ready, willing and able to meet your security requirements with some of the toughest products on the market, top quality items guaranteed to make life just that bit harder for the thief. They include:

The Bulldog Secure Alarm - A professional alarm of the highest quality which YOU can install yourself in under an hour. It has a range of features which makes it a market leader in home protection.

Chains - We supply a range of chains which can be anchored to the floor or walls to help you secure your property while preventing theft. Our robust chains are also beneficial in securing gates at your premises.

Shed and workshop door locks - A high security option suitable for double doors, gates, storage containers and sliding doors.

Security posts - A simple but effective device which can be installed easily in front of a vehicle parked on your drive or to ‘block' garage and shed doors to deter equipment being stolen.

Security lighting - Still the best way of lighting up a potential crime scene, while illumination remains one of the biggest fears for thieves.

Garage and roller shutter door locks - Specifically designed to keep your garage or roller shutter doors locked and preventing access.

Fuel tank lock - An excellent device to prevent your heating oil being stolen.

Skip locks - The ideal deterrent to the theft of skips.

GPS Tracking - A range of tracking options to protect your home, vehicles, property and family.

It's easy to become complacent when it comes to home security but the consequences can be severe - the cost of the items stolen, valued possessions which are special to you and the distressing circumstances of having your personal places breached by home invaders. Taking security precautions can be simple, effective and save all the emotional heartache associated with burglary and theft. Give us a call today on 01952 728171 to find out how we can help you.

Darker Nights.png

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Lorry thefts - an expensive and worrying trend!

Date: 11/08/2021

Thousands of lorry thefts are happening across the country every year resulting in millions of pounds in lost vehicles and cargos. These thefts are on the increase with the worrying trend sparking calls for Government action recently from the Road Haulage Association - so just how safe are your lorries and drivers?

We have seen a lot of lorries parked up in ports, haulage yards and elsewhere over the last year for obvious reasons but many others have still been out on our roads delivering the goods so essential to keeping the country running.

The problem if you are a transport manager is how to keep lorries, loads and drivers safe and secure, so are you confident that your security is as tight as it can be?

Facts and figures

The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service has revealed that in the first nine months of last year, goods valued at £48m were stolen in 3,016 lorry thefts across the UK.

Then, in May this year, the Road Haulage Association called on the Government to give greater importance to lorry cargo thefts saying it was "a significant and growing problem which incurs substantial losses".

If you add to this mix an estimated more than a third of UK businesses being hit by van thefts, then the scale of the problem becomes clear.

What can be done?

There are a number of simple steps that can be taken when it comes to HGV and van security - and we have them all covered at Bulldog Security Products!

● On the right lines - our airline lock prevents the brakes being released on HGVs and vans.
● Keep it contained - a robust container lock will help keep your cargo where it should be.
● Staying on track - Bulldog tracking solutions incorporate the very latest technology, helping to keep track of vehicles, loads and the safety of drivers.
● Prevent that theft - a kingpin articulated trailer lock will prevent vehicle coupling.
● Posting your intentions - security posts are a simple and effective deterrent to thieves.
● Get it clamped - wheel clamps will help prevent the movement of vans and HGVs.
● Keep it locked - we have a range of door locks to toughen up your lorry and van security.
● Government approval - a steering wheel lock is still one of the easiest to fit and most effective ways of preventing theft - and the Bulldog steering wheel lock comes with Department of Transport approval.

For more information about how we can help you meet your HGV and van security needs, call the team on 01952 728171.

Lorry Image (1).png


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It's not all about size - this one may be small but it packs a lot of punches!

Date: 23/07/2021

Are you an avid mountain biker, walker, skier or maybe live alone with health issues? If so, you will want the reassurance of knowing that the alarm will be raised if something happens to you!

Sharing is caring and sharing your location with your loved ones could be the difference between life and death - because time matters!

The Bulldog TR99 tracker is a small device which can be slipped into your pocket and will notify pre-designated contacts through its innovative ‘man down' feature if you fall or are taken ill.

Always in touch

The TR99 will sense a fall and after a predetermined period of time will call the preset numbers, providing full GPS coordinates of your location to those people you have chosen as contacts.

It is small, light, waterproof, shockproof and is a must-have item if you:

● Are walking in remote areas.
● Are involved in things like skiing, swimming, cycling, mountain biking - anything which means being out of contact and alone for any length of time.
● Have elderly or vulnerable loved ones who may be living alone.
● Are an isolated worker or someone who's job takes them into locations or situations of potential danger.

We are all at risk of tripping, falling or being targeted in an act of violence. Our TR99 tracker's SOS phone alert will raise the alarm if something happens, sharing your location in real time through the best available tracking service.

How does it work?

The TR99 offers three modes of communication and monitoring:

● Through our smartphone app or via the internet, providing location details and push notifications.
● The tracker will make and receive phone calls with the added feature of making an automatic call if you have a fall.
● It is equipped with a Short Message Service which provides alerts and key information and a tracker location with integrated Google Map links.

The TR99 tracker comes with a battery life of up to 400 hours which means it won't let you down, providing you with the confidence of knowing that it will spring into action and do exactly what it is meant to at the time when you need to rely on it the most.

TR99 square.png

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Have you booked your caravan site? The UK is the place to stay!

Date: 06/07/2021

The summer holidays are upon us and what a difference they promise to be compared to last year!

While some are eyeing trips to sunnier climes, many caravanners and motorhome owners are opting to stay local, viewing the UK as the ideal and safer option for their summer break.

There are some great holiday destinations in the UK - something we tend to take for granted and they probably remain a better alternative with the vagaries of foreign travel due to the pandemic still being felt. So, have you booked yours yet?

Don't be a victim of theft

We want you to enjoy your holiday and remember it for all the right reasons, which is why we are taking this opportunity to remind you once again of the need to stay safe and secure while away and pack some extras with your luggage to help you achieve this:

● The Bulldog Secure Alarm is the very latest deterrent in home security but did you know that it is equally effective in protecting your caravan or motorhome while you are away? It's a market leader for a reason, it's easy to fit and operate and comes with an unequalled range of quality features.

Tracking options must be another consideration when planning your trip. They can be fitted to your vehicle . . . and your loved ones, which will ensure you know where the things and people you most value are at all times and that you will be alerted if anything untoward happens.

● Fitting a hitchlock will prevent the uncoupling of your caravan - making it more difficult for your pride and joy to be stolen.

Wheel clamps are another effective way of ensuring your vehicle stays where you left it!

● And remember our security posts when you get back home and park up on your drive. A simple, easy-to-fit, obstacle which can be easily installed and is an excellent deterrent to thieves.

Getting away on holiday is all about having a relaxing, stress-free, break. This will be easier to achieve if your security is on the top line. We hope the recommendations we have made will help you protect your family and property and that you have a great holiday!



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Did you know equestrian safety is another one of our expertise?

Date: 24/06/2021

Isn't it great to see the country opening up again? Giving us the chance to get out and about to holiday fairly freely around the country - but while you're following our advice on caravan and motorhome security, don't forget what may be going on at home in your absence.

The team at Bulldog Security Products is committed to protecting you in all areas of security and one of the things that often tends to dip under the radar is equestrian security.

On your guard

We live in a beautiful part of the country but the rural nature of our surroundings mean we are more susceptible to the attention of thieves. The tranquil environment which we crave is also an attraction for thieves, providing an ideal environment for them to carry out their criminal activity with relative impunity.

Horses and equestrian equipment are much sought after and can be easy targets unless you remain on your guard and keep security up to standard. So:

● Chain and secure everything you can and for the things you can't, lock items away in secured buildings.
● Make sure vehicles are tracked and that they, and other equipment, are immobilised and keys are not left in the ignition.
● Have bars fitted to outbuilding windows where equipment is stored, like a tack room.
● Install alarms as added protection - did you know we have a separate alarm website?
● Install security lighting and CCTV.

Other substantial deterrents which can be fitted easily and inexpensively include:

● Security posts.
● Hitchlock.
● Saddle security.
● Steering lock.
● Wheel clamp.

Access to farms and stables should be kept to a minimum, keep gates locked and ensure perimeter walls, fences and hedges are in a good state of repair. Stable owners should microchip or freeze-mark horses and keep horse passports locked away securely at a location away from the horse.

There are many things you can use to help you ensure your property and livestock remain secure. For more information about equestrian security, give us a call on 01952 728171.

Equestrian Security.png


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New Bulldog bike lock launched as cycling fever sweeps across the UK

Date: 09/06/2021

Let us introduce you to our new bike chain lock system - the latest in a long and impressive line of high quality security products in the UK-manufactured and designed Bulldog Security Products range.

Bikes are an expensive item these days and extremely vulnerable to theft. They are often left lying around, either outside or in insecure buildings, which can act as an open invitation to thieves - which is why we turned our attention to manufacturing a high-spec product in the Bulldog mould.

Hitting the road

The launch of our new lock comes as the country continues it's path to unlocking after more than 12 months of on-off lockdowns and cycling fever sweeps across the country - a situation helped by longer days and, hopefully, much improved weather.

It seems like more and more people are turning to cycling as a great means of exercise and an ideal way of exploring our wonderful country - particularly as many will be choosing to stay in the UK this year as an alternative to the ongoing uncertainties of foreign travel.

All of which means it's imperative to protect your bike. After all, what's the point in splashing out on a new bike if you don't take the steps to keep it safe from criminals?

And it's not for just when you are out and about - lock it up in your garage, shed or anywhere it is! It takes seconds to steal a bike.

The product

The Bulldog Security Products Bike Chain Lock System includes a wall mounted bicycle hook and comes with all the toughened security features you would expect from us - a product designed to be the ultimate bike theft deterrent. The lock has:

● A 1.5 metre British made alloy steel chain which, unlike other products, will not become brittle after case hardening.
● Case hardened links which provide added security against cutting and cropping.
● A ground anchor and security fasteners
● A stainless steel padlock.

The lock comes with a bicycle hook as part of a package, which:

● Is made of heavy duty pressed steel
● Holds bicycles up to 20kg in weight
● Is corrosion resistant.

We are proud of the Bulldog Security Products Bike Chain Lock System - our latest offering in the ongoing fight against crime. We are committed to providing tough robust products which protect you and your property while making the commission of theft as difficult as possible for the criminal.

Contact us today to order your bike lock by calling 01952 728171 or emailing sales@bulldogsecure.com


Bike and chain.JPG

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Bulldog BMX Racing team prepares to get back on track!

Date: 27/05/2021

Riders ready, watch the gate! And they're off!

BMX racing is back with a vengeance after a season lost to Covid - and we can't wait for the action to start so we can get behind our Bulldog BMX Racing team. It promises to be a great year!

The Bulldog BMX Racing team of BMX riders was officially launched ahead of the 2020 season but the riders sadly only completed two rounds of the British BMX Series in Manchester before the pandemic hit. It was a major disappointment for our team . . . and for us in our first venture into BMX sponsorship!

Team changes

Two of our original riders, Billy and Frank, have swapped their BMX race bikes for MX bikes for this season but we will be keeping in touch with them and following their progress with a great deal of interest. We wish them well!

Riders Eddie and Archie Smallman are gearing up for the new season and preparing to welcome some new riders to the team so they don't get lonely in our gazebo.

Eddie suffered a broken tibia during lockdown so we are hoping he will take it easy, but judging by the time he spends on his back wheel - the wheelie which went wrong and caused the injury hasn't deterred him too much!

Eddie even qualified for the World BMX Championships in 2020 in Houston, over in the States, but we know what happened to 2020 plans! He has just heard that the 2019 qualification stands so he is off to the Worlds Champs in Holland in August and taking Bully the mascot with him!

Younger brother Archie is eagerly awaiting news from British Cycling to find out if he can ride as due to his age he is considered an unranked rider. Watch this space!

This year the season will hopefully see them ride the national British BMX Series races at Scotland, Kent and Gosport before the British Championships in Leicester. There's fewer races on the calendar due to the delay of the season starting because of the pandemic but the riders are ready to race and be reunited with their friends from across the UK.

So why do we sponsor a team?

Our own MD Ian dons the very cool B73 designed race jersey when he hits the hills in Wales and loves hearing about the team's success. He is passionate about supporting and promoting sporting endeavour whenever he can.

Community clubs and organisations have never needed support from businesses such as ours more than now. Ian loves anything with wheels and some of you may remember the Bulldog rally from many years ago! Yes that was us, too!

Our BMX riders and many of their friends spend weekend after weekend in their caravans and motorhomes across the UK and Europe so we want to make sure they are educated about security so they don't get targeted by thieves. We know how precious (and expensive!) those race bikes are.

The youngsters love their jerseys and wear our logo with pride - we can't ask for much more than that, other than helping their folks with setting up the steering wheel lock and the wheel clamp of course!

Our riders often use our trackers too so when they are in rural locations or the youngsters are playing with their friends on a campsite or trackside, their parents can find them!

The team is also benefiting from our new bike chain lock system and wall mounted bicycle hook which is helping to keep bikes secure at home.

We hope the Bulldog BMX Racing team have lots of fun this season and stay safe.


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Trackers - the safe option for those you care for!

Date: 11/05/2021

Do you track your employees to protect their safety? Are your children venturing further out for exercise? Are you concerned about the welfare of elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends? Tracking is not about Big Brother watching you but more about caring!

Trackers are a great way of knowing where a person is if something happens to them - allowing you to respond quickly. They provide peace of mind and reassurance for you and those who are tracked.

Just think for a moment about how happier you would feel if you could provide this extra layer of security for someone in your care or you are responsible for. Bad things happen - it's a fact of life, but the security of a personal tracker means you will always be on hand to act should the need arise.

Protecting your workforce

There are many jobs where people:

● Work alone
● Need to make visits to the homes of people they may not know well
● Spend time in lonely, rural locations
● Are required to visit urban areas which carry a heightened risk to personal safety - particularly at night

These are all prime examples of when and where a tracker is of great benefit - occasions where employees may be in danger of attack or at risk of having an accident which may otherwise not be known until it could be too late.

A tracker means always being aware of where your employee is and the alarm can be raised by them or you if something goes wrong.

Keep it in the family

The chances are your children are starting to spread their wings with the lifting of restrictions, meaning getting out and about more and being susceptible to the increased dangers that brings. A tracker allows you to know where they are at all times - and, as parents ourselves, we know just how important that is when your child fails to check-in!

You may have elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends, they may have dementia or Alzheimer's, and their movements are unpredictable. A tracker provides the reassurance of knowing their whereabouts - your eyes and ears to safeguard their ongoing safety.

Our TR20 is the smallest and lightest - but don't judge its effectiveness on that! And for those who always need the toughest phone protector then this is the tracker for you - the rugged, tough one - TR99!

Simple but effective

A Bulldog tracker is a simple device with a ‘man down' feature and an SOS button which is activated if someone falls over. It gives the person time to get up but if they can't, the tracker will automatically contact the preset emergency numbers to alert help.

The tracker is cost-effective, easy to carry and its GPS location can be followed on your mobile phone or through an online tracking portal. It really is that easy!

And you can keep watch from the palm of your hand with our simple app.

For more information on Bulldog tracking solutions, call the team on 01952 728171.



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