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Celebrations and security as caravan sites open their gates!

Date: 06/07/2020

Caravan sites are open! Yes, we're excited about it as well!

Everyone must be so pleased to be able to hit the road again with their caravan or motorhome - but a word of caution. Don't let the excitement of the occasion override safety and security!

Be alert and stay secure

Before you set off, don't forget the hitchlock, the wheelclamp or steering wheel lock for the caravan or motorhome and remember the Bulldog mantra - get an additional tracker fitted.

People get so excited every time they go out for a short break, their week-long holiday or even a tour of the UK that they can sometimes get complacent! This can apply equally to Covid-19 and security, with both needing the focus of our full attention.

Yes, Covid-19 is still out there so make sure you are washing your hands and not bringing any germs back to your beloved caravan or motorhome and ensure you follow the Government guidance to avoid a potential resurgence of the virus.

As for security, it's a sad but undeniable fact that thieves are still in action, so don't make things easy for them and ensure your security is as tight as you can possibly make it.

During lockdown we have been watching reports of rural crime, caravans and motorhomes being stolen, thefts of trailers and tractors. Many of these could have been prevented - or at least made more difficult for the thieves.

Time and deterrent are everything

If Thieves believe it is going to take longer than the time they have to get the prized possession then they will move on to the next target. Let's be honest, which would you choose to steal - a caravan with a wheel lock, hitchlock, alarm and tracker or one without any of these invaluable security devices fitted. Easy pickings - that's what we would go for and we can be sure the thieves would, too!

So time and deterrent - remember those two factors each and every time you pull up:

● Outside your house to load - A popular time for thieves to strike

● On the campsite - Yes, you may plan to be there 'most' of the time but you won't be there throughout your stay and thieves still strike on site

● When you arrive back at storage - After a lovely break you may be feeling a little tired and rushed to get the kids home to bed, but don't be fooled. Don't think you will pop back the next day to put the security products on! It could be the most expensive 12 hours of your life!

It's great to have the freedom to hit the road again but be safe, be secure and enjoy your break!

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Will staycations become the new norm?

Date: 12/06/2020

What does the future hold for holidaying abroad? As restrictions continue to be eased the thoughts of many people will be turning to where and when they will be able to holiday safely.

The Government decision that people must self-isolate for two weeks after a holiday abroad means effectively turning a two-week annual vacation into four! This decision is of course common sense in the current climate as the very last thing we want is a second, more potentially devastating spike in Covid-19 cases.

Is holidaying in the UK really so bad?

People still need their breaks and it's clear that more and more people will be viewing staying in this country as a more logical option - certainly in the short and medium term until we can finally see the threat of this awful virus eliminated or minimised to an acceptable level.

We love our holidays abroad. The sun is a massive draw and something which can almost be guaranteed in foreign climes, while you pay your money and take your chance when it comes to holidaying at home. But is the thought of taking your annual break in the UK really so bad?

The UK has an excellent tourist industry which caters for holiday requirements to suit all tastes - and it's certainly more readily accessible than travelling abroad. Overseas holidays are likely to come with restrictions for some time, they are probably going to be more expensive as more countries begin to open borders and then there's the self-isolation issue when you return.

Deserving of support

Another major factor in all this is the need to back British, support our hotels, holiday parks, towns, shops and beaches as they come out of lockdown. All these holiday industries, not to mention the general economy of the country, needs and deserves our full support as we endeavour to get back on our feet.

The Shropshire Star carried a huge feature on how the leisure and tourism industry is in need of our support to start spending money again in order to keep these so important areas of our economy operating.

It's something we wholeheartedly agree with and hope you do too. Staycations can provide everything you need for a perfect holiday, so let's support our British holiday industry and take our vacation in the UK.

If you are looking for the perfect caravan or motorhome to go on holiday in then have a look for a Bulldog affiliated dealer near you using our dealer search.

You will be able to purchase your security products at the same time as your new caravan or motorhome but if you want to see what id available before you go to the dealer then you can have a look here.

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Spike in sales as younger families turning to caravans

Date: 12/06/2020

The country is beginning to move again and it's encouraging to see a spike in sales reported as more younger families turn to caravanning.

It's great news after nearly three months of lockdown, providing a tremendous boost for sales of British new and used caravans, for dealers all over the country and for the wider economy as more people opt to holiday in the UK.

The situation was highlighted on national TV when presenter Alison Hammond visited Burton Caravan Centre for This Morning for a feature about how caravanning and glamping could save our summer holidays.

You can find your local Bulldog Security Products caravan dealer using our dealer search https://www.bulldogsecure.com/content/29/dealer-locator

Getting back on the road

The centre reopened on May 11 to deal with caravan sales and enquiries with staff saying the interest in buying caravans "has never looked so good".

This positive coverage for the industry courtesy of the bright, bubbly and forever optimistic TV presenter really couldn't have come at a better time with the normally busy period for early spring sales having been severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Staff at Burton say they have also seen a spike in younger families buying caravans, which clearly indicates planning not only for later this year, as restrictions continue to ease, but also for the more long-term future.

No one needs to convince us about the merits of caravanning. Yes, there is the initial expense of buying a caravan, but when that is done there are years of relatively inexpensive holidays to be had - an important factor to consider when comparing prices for future holidays abroad.

The cost of holidaying outside the country is likely to rise as restrictions are eased and there is also the issue of having to self isolate for two weeks on your return.

It's also vital that we support British industry at this time as firms face the prospect of dealing with the financial implications of lockdown for a very long time. Makers of British caravans and dealerships all over the country are in need of our support during these difficult times.

If you are thinking about buying a caravan for the first time, there are a few things to remember:

- Do your research property
- Visit a reputable dealer
- Seek instructions so you know how everything works
- Make sure you have SECURE it! So many people bring their pride and joy home - just for a few nights - before they take it into storage and it is during those few nights when thieves hit. Find out what security measures you need here.
- Don't forget the tracker too! For peace of mind you will need to know where your caravan or motorhome is and you can simply check your phone with our easy trackers.

The options really are endless when you have your own caravan - as more and more people clearly are planning to discover.

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When can we caravan and tour again?

Date: 23/05/2020

It's really tough right now, we know! The sun's shining, the summer's coming and that normally means holidays have been booked and are eagerly anticipated - but this year is different, very, very different.

Holiday parks, campsites and caravan touring sites across the UK are closed and despite a start to the easing of lockdown we really have no idea of when it will be safe for these sites to reopen.

So, when are they likely to restart - giving us something to look forward to as we safely navigate the road from lockdown to some kind of normality?

The Caravan and Motorhome Club welcomed Government news of a relaxation of the lockdown earlier this month but is, like the rest of us, now waiting for further guidance on when campsites and touring sites are likely to reopen - a decision which clearly can't be given yet because it depends on how effective we all are in reducing the infection rate of Covid-19 to a bare minimum.

The club says:

"We will continue to liaise with Visit Britain, Tourism Alliance and British Holiday and Home Parks Association to ensure best practice operating, cleansing and safety protocols are developed for when we are able to reopen. At this time we are planning on the assumption that we will be able to introduce a phased reopening of our sites network during July."

More information is available by visiting the club's website at


Here's another thought. While you are off the road why not take advantage of the opportunity to ensure your tourer or motorhome have all the security measures in place so you are able to stay safe from thieves when the time comes to get out and about again.

The tourism industry has been decimated with hotels, guest houses and privately-owned static caravans for hire all suffering from having to cancel bookings with no idea yet as to when they can begin welcoming tourists.

Again, they must wait for clear guidance on when they will be able to resume business but that won't come until Government thinks it's safe.

caravan towing.jpg

Holiday Parks

The big names have been battling to keep holidaymakers informed of the situation since closing their gates two months ago - giving options of later dates or refunds to customers for when they get the all-clear to reopen.

Haven sites will stay closed until at least July 2 and holiday home ownership sales have been put on hold until the same date, although the company's caravan sales teams are still available to answer any questions remotely.

Center Parcs have extended their closure date to July 5, Hoseasons won't be welcoming guests until at least July 4, while Butlins has pushed back any reopening date until at least July 2. All these dates are being kept under constant review and holidaymakers with bookings are being updated accordingly.

Beware of different rules

You must also bear in mind the different rates that the four home nations are planning to come out of lockdown. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are proceeding at a different pace and have very different ideas about what we will be able to do and when. So don't get caught out.

What we do know is that our Bulldog customers are desperate to get out in the caravans and motorhomes - well done to those who have spent time maintaining their existing security products and up-grading where necessary.

During lockdown we have posted replacement keys and bolts, replaced stock at our approved dealers and been busy working on the development and production of new products too - security development never stops.

Whilst caravan, motorhome and motorsport race van owners have been busy fitting our trackers so they know if any unwanted visitors are visiting their vehicles during lockdown.

We are back in the factory in sunny Shropshire (socially distanced of course!) and are proudly making our world-renowned products.

British-made you can't beat it (especially right now!) - even better with the Bulldog logo on too!

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Getting those jobs done at home

Date: 19/05/2020

It can be difficult finding enough things to remain occupied during the long days of lockdown - but here's a thought. Why not focus on securing your property and get all those jobs done that you've been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to?

The high-speed hustle and bustle of 'normal' life often means security is put on the back burner for another day - but life is far from normal right now which provides a great opportunity to ensure the home, garage, shed and any other outbuildings you may have can be locked up securely.

And good, tight security doesn't have to cost a fortune. Simple precautions with quality products are extremely efficient, and cost-effective, particularly when you think of the consequences of having your valued possessions stolen.

Copy of Range of products.png

Security options

- Chains and padlocks - Sheds, garages and other outbuildings contain all those personal possessions you can't or don't want to keep in the house. They can be easy targets for thieves, protected generally by only the flimsiest of security measures. There are a range of chains, security locks and chains with padlocks which can be most effective in securing these outbuildings and keeping your property safe.

- Garage/roller shutter door locks - Secured to the ground, an additional layer of security which makes it difficult for the thief to access the garage. Difficult is good when it comes to a deterrent as the thief often gives up after seeing these tougher than normal measures in place and heads off to look for an easier target.

- Security posts - A marvellous device which can be installed simply in front of doors making it impossible to remove the larger items like mowers, quad bikes and machinery from garages, sheds and other outbuildings. The posts can be unlocked and removed easily by the property owner. Security posts are also ideal for 'wedging' a vehicle between post and a wall if no garage is available and it has to be kept in an open area outside the home.

- Shed and workshop door lock - A high security double lock and another hugely effective deterrent when used to secure gates, sliding doors and double doors. It is also the security device of choice if you are looking to secure storage containers.

- Security lighting - Thieves always like to avoid the spotlight and that is why we always advise people to consider installing lighting as an essential addition to their security. Lighting is operated by sensors so as well as alerting you to something untoward going on, it is also pretty successful at scaring off the thief. Lighting can be installed to cover all areas of the garden, outbuildings and shed locations, in addition to helping to protect your home.

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The importance of UK manufacturing with first class customer service

Date: 08/04/2020

Like so many other companies we have had to temporarily close our doors due to Covid-19 - but our fabulous customer care service is still carrying on behind the scenes.

These are tough times and even though we can't operate as normal, we can still offer the help, advice and reassurance to customers who have questions about their security .

The current crisis is having devastating effects across the world but through the worst of times we are also seeing the best in many people and we have been inspired by the stories of help and support which continue to shine through.

We are proud to be a UK manufacturer and equally proud of businesses across Shropshire which are continuing as a key industry at this time, for those who have adapted their business to survive and those who are on the frontline in this pandemic.

We are still here to help

It's important for people to know that while we are fully respecting the isolation and social distancing rules we are still active through our social media platforms and have been dealing with enquiries through Facebook about replacement keys, how locks work and answering all sorts of other security questions which people need answering at this time.

Customers have had the confidence of knowing that, being a UK-based manufacturer, they've always been able to get hold of someone at Bulldog at times when other countries around the world went into lockdown.

We have been liaising with our distributors including caravan dealers across the UK, who we know have seen a spike in purchases as people were forced to lock up their caravans and motorhomes at a time when they would usually be using them.

It's important that customers still have access to the quality security products we provide through this crisis and that they are available in sufficient quantity with our distributors to be delivered.

We will continue to provide assistance remotely throughout the crisis with the enviable first-class service customers expect from us and are looking forward to the time when some degree of normality returns and it becomes business as usual.

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Keeping your house and garage secure during isolation

Date: 08/04/2020

We are living through extraordinary times and while all our thoughts are focused on the coronavirus crises and the devastating impact it's having on day-to-day life, it's important to see that your guard doesn't drop in terms of security.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that despite the current situation there are those only too willing to gain from the pandemic and, sadly, thieves are still operating. That is why we are urging you to give some thought to home and garage security during the current isolation.

We regularly provide blogs on our website about the steps you can take to ensure you stay secure which are still available to view. We also have a comprehensive range of home and garage security items to help you achieve it.

Lock it or lose it

You have some highly desirable possessions and don't make the mistake of thinking you're safe just because you have to say at home at the moment. Make sure:

● All windows and doors are locked
● The garage is safely secured
● Any gardening equipment is locked away safely in a shed or other appropriate outbuilding
● You get an alarm fitted

The garden is the only place outdoors you should really be right now - apart from your one piece of daily exercise - so don't venture into your back garden without first ensuring the front door is locked.

Most of us are still inclined to leave the back door open, particularly with summer approaching, but this could be an invitation too good to miss for the thief. Remember, you are not immune to attack just because you are home!

Keep your car locked in the garage if possible but see that it's always locked if it must be kept on the drive. Vehicles are still being targeted by thieves who are only too aware that they are not being moved for a considerable time, allowing them to carefully seek out their prey and plan their attack.

Thieves even targeted the cars belonging to our frontline nurses at a hospital last week by stealing their catalytic converter off their vehicles as they worked to save lives.

Knowing you are not moving far from home affords them the time to remove any obstacles in advance and move CCTV cameras out of the way without homeowners knowing.

Be Aware

We can all let our guard down at times of crisis so always think about what you are doing on those rare trips to the supermarket to replenish your supplies. A woman was the victim of a distraction theft in one of Telford's Aldi car parks when another woman shouted "help" from a nearby car.

The shopper had just thrown her handbag on the front seat of her own vehicle before running to help. The person asked for directions to the hospital and while the kind shopper was telling her, an accomplice of the woman "in distress" was emptying the handbag before putting it back on the seat.

It's worth remembering that there are fewer witnesses around due to isolation and this is especially so in the more rural areas where our farmers are still working hard to keep the food supply chain going.

So it's all the more important for farmers and those people living in rural communities to heed the security warnings and keep homes and buildings locked and machinery, quad bikes and vehicles secured.

It's important that we all stay safe from infection during the present crisis but it's also vital that we ensure our homes and possessions remain secure from theft.




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Give yourself a sporting chance

Date: 06/03/2020

Outdoor sports are fun, exciting and exhilarating - but they can be very dangerous so come with a health warning. Rugged terrains and difficult conditions could leave you vulnerable, that's why it's a good idea to carry a tracker that's just as tough.

It's a simple precaution and one which might just save your life. Our TR99 is a personal tracker, it's easy to carry, lightweight, extremely robust, just the thing to add to your checklist before you head out on your adventures.

Being waterproof makes the TR99 ideal for outdoor sports such as mountain biking, sailing, hiking, jet skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, fell running, orienteering, skiing, caving, shooting, windsurfing, horse riding, fishing and cycling.

Quick response

All these outdoor pursuits can lead to you being stuck in the middle of nowhere and if something does go wrong then a speedy response to an easily identifiable location becomes imperative. The TR99:

● Provides a view of the live tracker location
● Has a man-down call feature which will alert someone to a fall
● Is equipped with a built-in SOS call button which will summon help immediately
● Is waterproof, enabling it to work in the harshest of conditions
● Has geo-fence alerts which issue a notification if the tracker moves in or out of a designated area
● Provides two-way calling with SOS alerts and SMS notification
● Is shockproof

The TR99 is something which can be slipped into your pocket or clipped onto your bag or clothing. It provides the reassurance of your location being shared in real time via a high quality tracking service.

It's a bit like taking a pal away with you to make sure you're safe at all times. If you are caught out you know it won't let you down. The SOS phone alert will leap into action by calling preset numbers, highlighting your complete GPS coordinates, allowing any rescue party to be drawn directly to your position.

The TR99 isn't restricted in the terms of the number of people who can access the information - so if something should happen there is always someone who should be alerted. It has a battery life of up to 400 hours and can be recharged through a standard USB lead or wireless charging pad. The TR99 also has an integrated Google Map link while a European multi-network SIM card means you will always be online and safe wherever you happen to be.

Ian with TR99-1.JPG

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Heightened security for allotments and garden sheds

Date: 06/03/2020

Have you ever thought about the value of the items that aren't inside your house? Much of it can be expensive, like equipment for gardening, using on the allotment and things which take up too much space to be stored in the house like bicycles. So, security is very important and a lock is a lock, right? Well not quite!

There is now a better and more efficient way to ensure your valuables are kept safe and secure - even when they are outside the family home and not covered by the same sort of precautions, safeguards and consideration afforded to items inside.

On lockdown with the Bulldog TR21

How much attention do you give to the security of:

● The garden shed
● Bike sheds and garages
● Storage containers at holiday homes

There's some expensive and often sentimental gear kept in the garden shed or on a beloved allotment and the TR21 is the very latest in smart technology - a lock which can think for itself.

Fit the TR21 and family members could access the phone app which would alert them if the lock is disturbed or tampered with in real time, giving the opportunity to take the appropriate action while the attempted break-in is taking place.

Sheds, garages and storage containers at holiday homes are particularly vulnerable to thieves who view them as an easy target with valuable equipment stored inside which can be sold on.

Holiday homes are often left empty for long periods so lockable outside containers can be an attractive proposition for criminals who could strike, leaving you unaware of what has happened for some time. The TR21 smart lock will not only provide tougher security but will also detect the attack and let you know about it.

The TR21 is a GPS smart lock which can be locked and unlocked through a mobile phone app or a swipe card. It has an anti-cut and anti-tamper alert making it impossible for the criminal to remove it without detection.

Both locking and unlocking commands can be delivered from a phone app or website and any use of an unauthorised swipe card will activate a buzzer after which it will not be able to lock or unlock the device.

If the back cover is opened or casing removed an alert is triggered. The alert is also sensitive in cases of the lock rope being cut and the attempted use of an unauthorised swipe card.

It's a sad fact of life that we can be extremely cavalier when it comes to the security of gardening tools and equipment and other things like bikes, barbecues and children's play gear, often kept in the flimsiest of sheds and containers which even the big bad wolf would have no problem in huffing and puffing and blowing down!

The TR21 is a simple, effective and inexpensive way of ensuring all your outdoor equipment can be kept safe and secure.


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The Bulldog TR21 - a smart way to keep your shipment secure

Date: 05/02/2020

Wouldn't it be great if there was a smartlock you could operate from your mobile phone and would let you know if anyone was tampering with it? Well, there is - The Bulldog TR21.

At a time when lorries, shipping containers and boat cargos are under increasing threat from thieves and being targeted by those involved in the horrific practice of people smuggling, new devices and techniques need to be employed by firms to ensure the integrity of their loads are not being breached.

Cargoes and containers on board ships and lorries on the road are extremely vulnerable and can provide easy pickings for thieves or an ideal opportunity for smuggling people into and around the country without detection.

What is the Bulldog TR21?

The TR21 is the latest secure locking device for the various modes of sea and land transportation such as containers, box trucks and trailers. It's a GPS smart lock which has the benefits of:

● Anti-tamper alert
● Real-time lock status monitoring
● Positioning accuracy within 2.5 metres
● Locking and unlocking via a mobile phone app or by using an RFID card swipe card
● Battery life of 78 days
● Anti-cut alert
● Operating in the harshest of environments
● Tracking by time interval, mobile phone and distance
● Speeding alert

Any locking and unlocking via the authorised swipe card will be detected by the TR21 and record the location, time and RFID card number - with all this information automatically passed to the server.

A buzzer beeps and a LED indicator comes on when the device unlocks after detecting the authorised command.

The Led indicator will be off and the buzzer beeps when the device is locked. Use of an unauthorised swipe card will result in the buzzer beeping twice and it will not be possible to lock or unlock the device. It is also possible to issue the locking and unlocking commands from a mobile phone app or website via GPRS.

In the case of tampering, an alert is activated when the back cover is opened or the outer casing is removed, the attempted use of an unauthorised swipe card to lock or unlock is detected or the lock rope is cut off.

For additional security, the TR21 can be used in conjunction with the Bulldog CT330 container lock, fitted with a plunge lock, which can be locked without the use of a key.

The TR21 is another effective way Bulldog Security Products is working to ensure the safety and security of cargo and vehicles carrying it. It's smart technology adds another layer of security and is the ideal device for anyone shipping loads by land or sea. For more information, call our team on 01952 728171.

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