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How Secure Is Your HGV?

Date: 12/09/2018

GPS trackers are proving to be an important weapon in the fight against crime and more people are turning to the hi-tec low maintenance option as a reliable way of tracking and getting your vehicle back if it is stolen.

The theft of any vehicle is distressing, probably costly and certainly an inconvenience you could do without, but if you are in business and have your lorry or trailer taken these problems are magnified.

Our TR35 magnetic tracker for lorries doesn't need any power from the vehicle to operate, has up to a four-year standby time from just one charge and is easily attached to any metal object by two high-powered magnets.

We have been supplying trackers for the cab for some time; however we are now urging people to buy one for the trailer too as thieves are targeting both aspects of the articulated vehicle. It is also the case that having a second tracker fitted on any vehicle can be a great advantage.

The TR35 is manufactured from ABS and is lP66 rated for use in the harshest of environments. It can tell you through our TR03 tracking platform where the vehicle is, its mileage, speed and travel time.

It is compact and the internal antenna means it can be hidden virtually anywhere on the tracked vehicle. It is simple and effective and requires no additional SIM cards, wires or gadgets to operate.

You can keep track through a smartphone app or a PC allowing you to receive push notifications and alerts if the vehicle is moved.

Installing tracking devices is becoming the norm and is certainly a sensible, simple, thing you can do to combat the thief. It gives peace of mind in knowing your vehicle is where it should be or, in the case of theft, a location where it can be retrieved from.

The Kingpin Lock is another way of securing your vehicle, preventing the coupling of the trailer to the tractor unit. This is another simple, effective, device designed to make life more difficult for the thief.

Whatever measures you take to safeguard your property are well worth the effort and if you can't ultimately prevent a theft you can at least ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of getting it back.

For more information on these products call our team on 01952 728171 or email sales@bulldogsecure.com


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Rural Crime Is On The Rise

Date: 06/08/2018

There's just no getting away from it - rural crime is on the rise and it's becoming a real battle to stay one step ahead of the criminal in an effort to keep your property safe.

A recent report commissioned by insurers revealed a 13.4% crime increase in villages and small communities in the last eight years with the cost of the rural crimewave hitting a staggering £44.5m in 2017.

These areas are becoming more isolated as policing cuts continue to take their toll and there is little sign of that ending as forces are faced with making further savings and having to prioritise where they concentrate their efforts.

Rural locations are an obvious target for the criminal and that is why we must take the necessary steps to keep our property secure.

As the evenings start to draw in and autumn looms on the distant horizon we thought it would be a good idea to focus on rural buildings security and some of the things you can do to tighten things up ahead of the darker nights.

Farms are a veritable treasure trove for the criminal with vehicles, equipment and livestock. Make sure your animals are tagged and equipment is marked and it's a good idea to keep a file or register of all your property, with a detailed description and photograph.

Lock away anything that isn't chained down and secure or immobilise equipment or vehicles so they can't be driven off or used. Also ensure all keys are locked away in a secure spot in the house to further deter a thief.

Restrict access to your property by installing locked gates and make sure your hedges, walls and other fences are sturdy enough to make it extremely difficult for the criminal.

Here at Bulldog we have a range of products that can help you keep your property secure. We have a variety of chains you may like to consider, our high security door lock for sheds and workshops, security posts and roller shutter door locks.

Make sure all your vehicles are tracked, your buildings are alarmed, fitted with security lighting and that you consider installing CCTV.

In addition, always remain alert and keep track of who is coming and going, seek crime prevention advice and check to see if you are in an area covered by Neighbourhood or Farm Watch.

Most of the advice is pretty much common sense but it can be easy to let your guard slip and that could prove to be a very costly mistake.

For more information about our products or for advice on how we can help you stay secure, call our team on 01952 728171.


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How Secure Is Your Quad Bike Or Motorbike?

Date: 31/07/2018

Rural crime is on the increase and thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target. The added advantage the criminal has in rural areas is they are less likely to be spotted and have more time to carry out their crime.

Quad bikes and motorbikes are a particular favourite of the thief because they are smaller and easier to manoeuvre and once stolen they are virtually impossible to trace and recover.

The thief is often aided in his work by the targeted vehicle's owner and a casual attitude to security. All sorts of equipment and other items are left lying around just waiting to be stolen.

There has been an ongoing campaign recently warning people of the dangers of theft in rural areas in general and on farms in particular with a particular emphasis placed on quad bikes and motorbikes.

These vehicles are easy to steal and dispose of and are an increasingly attractive option for thieves. They are expensive items to buy and replace and an inconvenience at best to be without, so doesn't it make sense to protect these items?

More people in the country areas are recognising the threat and taking steps to ensure their property is more secure.

Our staff at Bulldog have a wealth of experience in advising on the best security products to suit your needs, giving you the reassurance of knowing you have done everything you can to protect your property.

Some of the steps you can take to ensure motorbike and quad bike security include:

Fit a tracker - This is the clever thing to do with all vehicles and the tracker will keep tabs on where it is at all times making recovery easier.

Keep your quad and motorbike out of sight - Simple advice but probably the most effective. If your vehicle is kept in a secure shed, outbuilding or even in your home it is less likely to be stolen. If you are keeping your vehicle in an outbuilding take a look at our garage locks and security post options for optimum security.

Make it extra secure - If your quad or motorbike is left outside make sure it is locked, chained or anchored to the ground to prevent theft. This is also something to be considered if your vehicle is locked away, making it even more secure.

Alarms and security lighting - There is no better way of being alerted to the presence of an intruder than by the activation of an alarm or security lighting. Not only does it tell you there is someone lurking about but can also act as a deterrent.

Get it marked - Marking your property is a very effective way of tracing it after it has been stolen. There are kits you can buy which can be used on quads, motorbikes and on any other equipment that may be targeted by thieves.


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Caravan Security Reminders For Holiday Season

Date: 20/07/2018

Heading off on holiday in your touring caravan?

You've done your vehicle checks and made sure you have packed everything you will need on the trip - but have you thought about your caravan security while you are away?

Caravans and awnings can be easy prey for criminals so we have put together five reminders you may want to consider before you set off on your holiday:

Tracking devices - Get an additional tracker fitted to your caravan and make sure your tracker registration details are up to date. This will aid in the recovery of your caravan if it is stolen. Very few caravans not fitted with a tracker are recovered. We have a range of trackers for all types of caravans and motorhomes https://bulldogtracking.co.uk/category_caravan.html

Awnings - Having the extra space is an important part of the holiday for many but it is important to remember that awnings are not secure and pretty easy to get into, so don't leave any valuables out where they can be easily seen and stolen.

Caravan security - Check all the locks are working properly before you go away and it's also important to check your smoke alarms and detectors are working and have new batteries.

Keys - Make sure you have keys to all your security products and remember we can provide replacement keys to all our Bulldog items you have purchased from us.

Hitchlock and wheel clamps - Fitting a hitchlock and wheel clamp are simple measures you can take to deter thieves. There are a range of options available which help prevent your caravan being hitched up and driven away https://www.bulldogsecure.com/browse/bulldog-caravan-security/hitchlock/22

Going on holiday should be one of the highlights of the year and, while we don't want you worrying constantly about being targeted by thieves, we would like you to enjoy your break with the peace of mind of knowing you have taken the basic steps to keep yourself safe and secure.

If you are unsure about what Bulldog product suits your needs best give our team a call on 01952 728171 - we are here to help.

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Keep Your Home Safe During Your Holiday

Date: 18/07/2018

It's that time of year again when we pack our bags and head off on holiday for a well-earned break but have you thought about what the thieves will be doing while you are away?

The short answer is they could be setting you and your home up for an unexpected and unwanted visit.

Thieves are only too aware of July and August being the favoured holiday months for many - those with schoolchildren and those factory workers who have tied holiday dates have little choice - and you can bet that criminals are sizing up their opportunities and waiting to strike.

Here at Bulldog we have a passion for security, it is what has made us the company we are today and we believe in doing everything in our power to make life as difficult for the criminal as possible.

With this in mind we would like you to take a few moments and think about just how secure your property is going to be while you are away and lessen the chance of coming home to the heartbreak of a ransacked home.

After serious physical attack on the person there is no worse crime than someone violating your home but by taking a few simple steps you can lessen the chances of it happening.

Cancel the milk and papers and make sure a trusted neighbour or relative keeps an eye on the place, making sure letters are not sticking out of the letterbox and any visitors are monitored.

Facebook is a wonderful thing but it's a mine of information for the thief and if you are posting your holiday plans and dates it may not be just your Friends that get to know what you are doing, where you are going and when.

If you have an alarm fitted make sure it is working properly and the codes are left with the trusted neighbour or relative in case it is activated.

Lights on timers will give the illusion of someone being in the house during the evenings and overnight and get your neighbour to draw and open the curtains as an added deterrent.

Keep valuable items out of sight of anyone looking in through the windows and get some security lighting fitted which can be activated by a light and motion sensor. This will light up your driveway, garden and path alerting the neighbourhood to the fact that someone is poking about on your property who shouldn't be there.

It is also important to ensure any workshop or garage connected to the house is secured. These are very often the least thought about areas in terms of security even though they grant access to the house.

Here at Bulldog we have a number of items that can help with your home, garage and workshop security, including security posts, security lighting and high security door locks.

For more information and advice about how we can help you, telephone our friendly team on 01952 728171.



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Back to the 80's with Bulldog ...

Date: 27/06/2018

Back to the 80s steering wheel lock.png












Ah, the good old days! We are all guilty of reminiscing and longing for years past. The older we get the more we yearn for what has gone, never to return. Or will it?

Some things are destined to stay with us, make a regular return through a new audience and can even become re-invented. Fashions, music, TV shows, films, toys and . . . the steering wheel lock (of course!).

Take the 1980s, for example. Care Bears, the Rubik's Cube and Action Man were all selling well while a new fledgling security company was taking its first tentative steps in humble surroundings in Bridgnorth.

That company has grown into a global player now and lives eight miles up the road in Much Wenlock, but Bulldog Security Products is still very much committed to keeping people and property safe by producing top-quality reliable security devices.

Sometimes simplicity is best and less, as they say, is more. Our steering wheel lock falls into that category. It isn't complex, difficult to fit or hard to understand - it just works and is just as much an effective low-cost deterrent today as it was when we first launched back in 1984 (34 years ago, how time flies!).

We produce two locks here at Bulldog, the BW550 which fits most makes of cars and the BW600, Department of Transport approved, for motorhomes, vans and HGVs.

So, what became of Care Bears, Action Man and the Rubik's Cube?

They have all enjoyed a pretty good life, actually.

Care Bears were created in 1981 with the thought of them being used on greetings cards but the characters went on to appear as toys, in TV shows and on film.

They were so popular they relaunched in 1991, 2002, 2007 and 2012, with the range moving forward again two years ago with Care Bears and Cousins.

Action Man actually started life in the mid 1960s and is now over 50 years old. He has had some ups and downs over the years but has recently enjoyed some high profile coverage by starring in the MoneySuperMarket TV ad campaign

The Rubik's Cube hit the global stage in 1980 and sold more than 100 million worldwide in the next two years. It is now estimated to have sold more than 400 million and one in seven people have tried to unravel its secrets.

And our humble steerling lock?

As for the steering wheel lock, it is still selling very well. It is a high-visibility presence in the vehicle which often makes the thief give up and look for an easier target.

We think we may be still talking about our steering wheel lock in another 30 years!


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New partnership with Witter Towbars announced!

Date: 25/06/2018

Bulldog - June - Witter blog cover.png












Today we are delighted to tell you about a new partnership deal which sees us joining forces with Witter Towbars - another internationally renowned company that's committed, like ourselves, to great customer service.

The deal means we will be supplying Witter with our Bulldog One tracker which they will then fit to vehicles at the same time as they are fitting towbars at one of their approved fitting centres. It also means a higher degree of security for more vehicles on the road.

We are extremely proud of our trackers and the massive impact they are having on a daily basis. Trackers are becoming more and more important, enabling owners to keep tabs on where their vehicle is at any time and making it easier and quicker to track and recover.

Witter Towbars have a proven track record dating back 60 years of fitting towbars to all types of vehicle from those needing to tow a simple trailer right up to the heavy vehicles like substantial caravans and horseboxes.

The company is a major player on the national and international stage and it makes perfect sense for our two companies to band together in this way enabling the two fittings to be done at one time.

Andy Royles, of Witter Towbars, said: "We have a very strong brand in terms of towbars and it is our objective to introduce new products, so it is important to us to work with other strong brands, hence, our partnership with Bulldog.

"Part of our UK strategy is built around developing an e-commerce strategy where the consumer can purchase a product direct from our website and it can be fitted at one of our approved installers.

"The bulldog tracker is a product that fits in with our new portfolio of products and the backup support and the product provided by Bulldog makes them an ideal partner for our requirements. As we develop and enhance our e-comm strategy it is hoped we can increase the range of Bulldog products we offer."

For more information about Witter Towbars, visit https://www.witter-towbars.co.uk


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