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Police welcome increased use of trackers on farm machinery

Date: 22/09/2017

Here at Bulldog Security Products we are delighted to see the positive impact that fitting tracking devices on farm machinery is having in cracking down on rural crime.

Police have now also welcomed their increasing use in the ongoing battle against thieves.


Trackers are a simple but highly effective way of preventing your vehicle from being stolen or, if it is, you have a much better chance of getting it back and the thief arrested.

The devices are playing a major role to combat the lucrative trade of farm machinery thefts with police actively involved in championing and fitting trackers in a new crime-fighting strategy.

Here at Bulldog in Much Wenlock in Shropshire we have been providing and fitting tracker devices on all types of vehicles for many years and we believe this is the ideal moment to urge farmers to take action themselves to ensure the security of their machinery.

This initiative by Warwickshire Police, which is now partnered with our own local West Mercia force, has already been successful. The force has been actively using trackers in an operation to cut rural crime.

Police have joined forces with NFU Mutual and the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service in the campaign, which has resulted in equipment being recovered and arrests made.

Farm machinery is very costly and when you factor in the inconvenience and disruption caused by equipment being stolen it is clear you need to take steps to protect yourself and your property.

The Warwickshire Police operation is highly commendable but police resources are becoming more limited as continual budget cuts take their toll, so it’s important for farmers to take responsibility for their own crime prevention - the tracker is an ideal place to start.

The tracker is an inexpensive and easy thing to fit and a simple but effective method of crime prevention. They can help by catching the thief in the act but are also proving to be a vital aid in deterring the crime from taking place in the first place, as thieves are now aware of the device and having to accord it some respect.

Our message to the thief is clear, we now have the technology and the capability of stopping you, so beware.

We recommend farmers ensure all their machinery carries a tracking device. It is something potential victims of crime can do to help themselves in this ongoing battle with the criminal.

Of course, it’s not just farm machinery that can be protected and we recommend trackers be fitted on all vehicles - even those new vehicles which may have a tracking device fitted as standard.

By fitting a second tracker the thief, who may have become wise to where makers fit their devices, can be taken off-guard by the additional device and not even look for it.

At Bulldog we have a range of trackers which can be fitted easily and our team are ready to help with any enquiries and advice.

Let’s give the police a helping hand by taking crime prevention seriously and try and make it impossible for the thief to succeed.

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