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Bulldog VA101 Van Door Lock

Product Details

Bulldog VA101. A single highly visible lock suitable for use on the rear door or off side sliding door. It adds further security to the van to guard against thieves capable of defeating the factory fitted locks.

The Bulldog Van door lock is:

* Simple to fit with no loose parts.

* Can be locked without the use of the key.

* Drill and pick resistant lock.

* Case hardened steel.

High deterrent effect. Avoid costly repairs for locks and bodywork.

"As used on fleet vehicles by major utilities".


Product Video



Fitting Video [Van Door Lock.mpg]
File Size: 1.47MB

Data Sheet [Van Door Lock.pdf]
File Size: 1.23MB

Instruction [Van Door Lock VA101 (Rear) Instruction.pdf]
File Size: 127.99KB

Registered in England & Wales No: 1799475
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